Pharmaceutical Selling Skills

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Online training session with workshop on how to promote pharmaceutical products; we will help both new graduates to pass the interviews and succeed as new medical representatives (Basic Selling Skills) and the experienced medical representatives, supervisors and sales managers to have a new look with doctors, we will answer the following questions:

Basis Selling Skills:

What is the life style of the medical representative?
How to avoid wasting time?
Why Selling Skills, is it an art or a science?
What’s the call?
What are the steps of the call?
What are the common mistakes which doctors have been frustrated from them?
How to avoid being bored from the job?
What to make a role play?

Target Audience:
Fresh Graduates, pharmacy students and new medical representatives

Lecture     : 8 Hours
Workshop: 1 Hourmedical representative discussing two doctors

Professional Selling Skills:

What are the doctors attitudes?
How to handle doctors’ objections?
What’s the 3F tactic ?
How to ask for a feed back from the pharmacy place?
What is the different between conventional/classic call and the objective call?
What are the
What are the common mistakes of expert medical representatives? e.g. do you still keep showing medical brochure, do you have a friendship with doctors .. and much more .. ?
How to avoid being bored from the job? when will you be promoted … ?

Target Audience:
Medical representatives, supervisors ..

Lecture     : 8 Hours
Workshop: 1 Hour

Available Accreditation from the British Council (upon request and extra-fees)

Special offer for groups, fresh graduates and pharmacy students.



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