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About Us

نحن نشعر بمدى الصعوبات و التحديات التي أصبحت تواجه الصيدلي العربي, و في نفس الوقت نعلم أن الفرص و المستقبل أفضل … لذلك نحن نمد اليك يدنا لتنضم الى أكبر تجمع للصيادله في العالم
نستمع اليك و نهتم بشكل عملي بكل ما تهتم به أنت
نعدك بأن نعمل جاهدين طوال الوقت لنتخطى مستوى توقعاتك
سويا نحن أقوى و أكثر فاعليه
فريق مجلة قهوة الصيادله
PCM team

Pharmacists Coffee Magazine (PCM) is the Number One Pharmacists Group in the world serving and providing pharmacists in the World with all the latest news and updates in the pharmaceutical Industry.


Our magazine is the rightful place where Pharmacists grasp knowledge, information and news for serving a better health care community in the World, our magazine is a leading entity linking Pharmacists with other healthcare professionals.


A Scientific Web Based Magazine dedicated to provide pharmacists with Up-to-date knowledge, information and news to achieve the ultimate goal of narrowing the pharmacist patient gap.


Our values are a declaration of our core believes.

  • Evidence – We are number one pharmacists group in the world as per Yahoo and Google statistics. We are passionate about helping pharmacists, healthcare providers and patients make a better decision.
  • Reputation – We have gained our reputation through our professionalism and excellence for the past four years of high level of commitment.
  • Integrity – We are open, honest with ourselves and others and are independent in our thinking and make sure we are doing right things in a right way at a right time.
  • Performance and Excellence – We strive for continuous improvement in our performance measuring our outcomes carefully and ensuring that integrity and respect for pharmacists and healthcare providers are never compromised and committed to provide them with the highest possible standards.
  • Partnership – Our highest priority is to identify and meet the needs of our community and other healthcare professionals.
  • Trust – Our vision is to become the World’s leading and most trusted provider of News, Information, Knowledge and Services to all Pharmacists and healthcare providers in the world through online that will make a difference in their daily practice thus improving services for patients.


To create lobby, gathering, connection and channel of communication between all Pharmacists in the world.


The first custom tailored knowledge pattern provider for the Arabian pharmacists in the Middle East & North Africa.

Extensive E-survey via www.pcm.me website results in disclosure & evaluation for the Arabian pharmacists interests & put them in classification as follow:

1- Offering Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia, Gulf & Egypt.

2- Recent Pharmaceutical company news & Research updates.

3- Immigration steps & board details.

4- Pharmaceutical Science reviews.

5- Life and career skills.

6-Guidance on how to start a new pharmaceutical business.