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نموذج 1 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

1- Aspirin not taken with:- ——– child with viral infection
2- The least effect on G.I.T of N.S.A.D. :- A\ mefenamic acid B/ piroxicam C/Celebrex D/ naloxone.
Answer : A

3- CLORAL HYDRAT :- is —– aldehyde
4- Glycerol:- is ———- alcohol
5- Bioavailability :- relation between drug absorption and reached systemic فيما معناه
6- Hematocrite:- percentage of blood volume that occupied RBC
7- Simivastatin:- side effect:—— muscle pain.
8- I.N.H.:—- side effect——
9- Vulovoxamine:- is describe as —– antidepressant .
10- Levodopa:- side effect——-
11- Which of the flowing is prod rug :- codeine
12- An active metabolite for another drugs :- desloratidine.
13- Used in allergic rhinitis :–levocitrizin or diphenhydramin.
14- Anti Histamine in ulcer treatment act on :- partial cells
15- Paracetamol side effect :- —hepatic necrosis
16- Amino glycoside :- side effect—– nephrotoxicity
17- Which is not act as centric anti tussive :-a/codeine b/diphenhydramine c/ benzonatate d/dextrometrophan
18- Used of beclomethazone in asthma :- must be used regularly to treat asthma.
19- Sulfur 20 % used in:- treatment of scabies.
20- The first choice in treatment anaphylactic shock :- adrenalin 1:1000
21- Vitamin used as anti oxidant :- vit. E
22- Misoperistol:- not used with—– pregnancy.
23- Isotretionol C/I with :—- planned pregnancy
24- Osteoporosis can caused by :- glucocorticoid
25- Glucorticod side effect:— hyper glycemia—– hypertension
26- Patient with hypertension and asthma can take from B. blocker:- (acebutolol
27- Mechanism of action carbonic anhydrase;- reduce nacl and HCO3 reabsorb ion in proximal tube.
28- Anabolic steroid used topically;-
29- Compound have the same atom but differ in structure :–(isomer)
30- Statin- can cause:- decrease LDL
31- Used as sweetener in manufacturing tablet:- (lactose).
32- Lomotil:- used as — ant diarrhea
33- Citalopram:- is SSRI antidepressant.
34- Docusate Na:
35- Clolarmbucil:- is alkylation agent
36- N-acetyl cyst in:- used as mucolytic
37- Treatment of dandruffs:-
38- Isofluran:- used as anaesthia.
39- Intra articular injection :- lipid solubility of molecule affect absorption.
40- Coronary angiogram:- which suitable route for taking drug:

Which affect the absorption of drug in intra placental:- lipid solubility
42- Heparin antidote :- protamin sulfate
43- First pass effect means:-
44- Pharmacoepidimology:-the study of use of drugs in large gp of people.
45- Pituitary gland hormone:-
46- Lead:- has no therapeutic use.
47- Action of carbidopa:-decrease peripheral decarboxylation.
48- Candida :- more subscibtable to be seen with
49- Drug that counteract furosemide:-
50- Which is not use in asthma :- propranol
51- Lossaratan:- blocks angiotensin receptor.
52- Cold sore:-
53- Acyclovir used in treatment :- —— cold sore
54- Typed of loop diuretics :- furosemide
55- Psyillum is:- laxative
56- Chloroprmide + ——ethanol —–:-can cause increase hyperglycemic effect.
57- Orlistat:- used in weight loss
58- Statin is:- antihyerlipdimia
59- Clavulunic acid uses:-
60- Nalidixic acid :- is aquionolone gp
61- The active transport:-
62- Rubella is most dangerous to :——- fetus
63- Alegeanic acid used in antacid:-as foaming agent
64- Which amino acid used in thyroxin synthesis:-
65- Iodine 125 :—uses
66- In treatment symptoms of smoking `cessation:-
67- Emetine:-
68- If nasal decongestion used by accidental in eye : effect
69- Which not taken in prevent migraine :-a/timolo b/cyproheptadine c/valeporate d/
70- What ideal treatment of angina combine(b-blocker-CCB-isosorpid).
71- Cardiac glycoside :- used in C.H.F .
72- Dose of the flowing the dose is taken once daily:-a/amidiorne b/ diltizem c/ verabamil d/
73- Which is absorbed fast hydrated or anhydrous.
74- Placebo is:-
75- Methotrexate side effect:-
76- Which is used in all type of shysctomocies:- prazequental
77- Question about – quinine— mefloquinin- choloroqine.
78- How many Prednisone 5mg taken by patient prescription 25mg /7days.
79- 5000 micg equal to 0.5:- a/gm b/mg c/ micro gram d/ nanogram.
80- Which is the first line in skin layer:- a/ dermis, b/epidermis, c/subcutise

81- Whitfield ointment is contain:- salicylic and benzoic acid

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