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نموذج 2 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة الاولى جزء 1

1- Which of the following is not an indication for Tranexamic Acid ?i
a- Treatment of heamorrhage associated with excessive fibrinolysis
b- An antidote for Streptokinase overdose
c- Prophylaxis of hereditary angioedma
d- Prevent heammorhage due to Heparin overdose
i2- Which of the following drugs does not cause insomnia ?i
a- MAOI’s
b- Caffeine
c- Beta blockers
d- Barbiturates

i3- Which of the following is a lipid lowering drugs ?i
a- Aprotinin
b- Tranexamic acid
c- Lansoprazole
d- Acipimox
i4- Which of the following H2 receptors antagonist has the highest affinity for cytochrome p450 ?i
a- Nizatidine
b- Ranitidine
c- Cimetidine
d- Famotidine
i5- Which of the following side effects will be caused by antacids containing NAHCO3?i
a- Belching
b- Constipation
c- Diarrhea
d- Blurred vision
i6- Which of the following is a dopamine antagonist?i
a- Granisetron
b- Domperidone
c- Cisapride
d- Loperamide

i7- Which of the following drugs is a systemic amoebicide?i
a- Diloxamide furoate
b- Pyrimethamine
c- Emetin
d- Sodium Stibogluconate
i8- Which of the following drugs is the drug may cause discolouration of nail beds and mucus membranes?i
a- Tetracycline
b- Chloroquine
c- Doxycycline
d- Rifampicin
i9- Which of following drugs is the drug of choice for the treatment of all forms of Schistosomiasis?i
a- Praziquantel
b- Mebendazole
c- Niclosamide
d- Thiabendazole
i10- Which of the following drugs can be used for the treatment of influenza A infection ?i
a- Zidovudine(AZT)i
b- Amantadine
c- Ribavarin
d- Vidarabine
المجموعة الاولى جزء 2

i11- Which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of Leishmaniasis?i
a- Pyrimethamine
b- Diloxamide
c- Sodium Stibogluconate
d- Emetin
i12- Which one of the following statements about tetracycline is not correct?i
a- It is useful for the treatment of resistant strains
b- It is contraindicated in pregnancy
c- It is safe in infections caused by Chlamydia
d- It can lead to discolouration of teeth if given to children
i13- Which of the following drug will antagonize Methotrexate?i
a- Thiamine
b- Folic acid
c- Biotin
d- Cyanocobalamin
i14- lodine is found in all of the following except:i
a- Cod liver oil
b- Sea food
c- Kelp
d- Iodized salt
i15- Match the statements (1- 4) to the trace elements (A-D) listed below.each answer may be used more than oncea- Zinc b- Copper c- Chromium d- Selenium

i1. Formation of red and white blood cells
i2. Protects cells against damage during cellular m etabolism
i3. Promotes wound healing and normal growth
i4. Helps maintain normal glucose m etabolism
i16- Match the drug characteristics (1- 4) with the drug listed below (a-d). each answer may be used more than once
a- Auranofin
b- Pencillamine
c- Aspirin
d- Corticosteroids
i1- Platelet function effect
i2- Oral form of gold
i3- Given on an empty stomach
i4- May be given intra articularly
i17 for each side effect (1- 4) list the most likely cause (a-d). each answer may be used more than oncesa- Sodium Bicarbonate
b- Aluminium Hydroxide
c- Amitriptyline
d- Magnesium Hydroxide

i1- May cause diarrhea
i2- Should not be used by patient of heart failure
i3- May cause dry mouth
i4- Can be incorporated with an antacids mixture to control diarhoea
i18- Pyridoxine requirements may increase during administration of all the following except:i
a- Isoniazid
b- Cycloserine
c- Oral contraceptives
d- Levodopa
i19- All of the following preparations contain alcohol except:i
a- Syrup simplex
b- Aromatic ammonia spirit USP
c- Terpin hydrate elixir USP
d- Belladona tincture B.P
i20- Wich of the following solutions is used as an astringent?i
a- Strong iodine soluotin USP
b- Aluminium acetate topical solution USP
c- Acetic acid NF
d- Benzalkonium chloride solution NF
المجموعة الاولى جزء 3

i21- anextrapyramidal adverse effects is caused by the blocking of:i
a- Serotonin receptors in the brain
b- Acetylcholine receptors in the brain
c- Dopamine receptors in the brain
d- Dopamine receptors outside the brain
i22-A rare side effect of some anticonvulsants is Stevens-Johnson
syndrome.this is a severe:i
a- Skin reaction
b- Bone marrow toxicity
c- Renal failure
d- CNS suppression
i23-If a women,receiving carbamazepine becomes pregnant,it is
important that she receives daily supplements of :i
a- Vit A
b- Vit B6
c- Folic acid
d- Riboflavin
i 24-Which of the following are side effects of phenytoin treatment?i
a- Acne
b- Hirsuitism
c- Gingival hyperplasia
d- a,b,and c
i25-Which drug is considered as Alpha-1- Adrenergic blocker : i
a- Hydralazine
b- Minoxidil
c- Prazosin
d- Guanethidine
i26-Nitroglycerin-all the following are true except :i
a- Can be dispensed in hospital pack of 500 and 1000 tabs
b- Containers must be made of glass and be covered with a tight-fitting —-l
c- Close tightly after use
d- Tablets must be stored at controlled R.T
e- Tablets not to be refrigerated

i27-The most important adverse reaction to terbutaline is :i
a- Tachycardia
b- CNS stimulation
c- Fine muscle tremor
d- Gastric irritation
e- All of the above
i28-Which of the following is true about Penicillin V ?i
a- It is inactivated by gastric acid
b- It is acid stable
c- It is more active than Benzylpencillin
d- It is absorbed better after foods

i29- Which of the following is a quinolone antibiotic ?i
a- Clindamycin
b- Chlortetracycline
c- Ciprofloxacin
d- Clarithromycin
i30-Tuberculosis is caused by a :i
a- Mycoplasma
b- Mycobacterium
c- Micrococcus
d- Microbacter
المجموعة الاولىجزء 4

i31-pertussis is another name for :i
a- Cough
b- Diphtheria
c- Whooping cough
d- Scarlet fever
i32-in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis,antibiotic treatment must be continued for at least :i
a- 6 months
b- 4 months
c- 2 months
d- 1 month

i33-all of the following are prodrugs except :i
a- Sulindac
b- Diazepam
c- Enalapril
d- Sulfasalazine
i34-which route of drug administration is likely to subject a drug to first pass effect ?i
a- Intravenous
b- Inhalation
c- Oral
d- Sublingual
i35-which of the following statements is/are correct?i
a- Ketamine is used in the treatment of migraine
b- Acute systemic anaphylaxis should be treated immediately by IV injection of
c- Sulphonylureas are oral anticoagulants
d- None of the above
i36-verapamil exerts its effects through which of the following actions?i
a- Preventing entry of calcium channels through slow channels
b- Increasing sodium entry
c- Antagonizing the opening of the fast sodium channel
d- None of the above
i37-cardiac glycoside may be useful in treating all of the following except :i
a- Atrial flutter
b- Congestive heart failure
c- Ventricular tachycardia
d- Atrial fibrillation

i38-streptokinase is indicated for the treatment of :i
a- Impaired fat absorption
b- Pulmonary emboli
c- Tuberculosis
d- Psoriasis
i39-tretinoin is used therapeutically :i
a- As a urinary acidifier
b- As an antifungal agent
c- In the treatment of tuberculosis
d- In the treatment of acne

i40-a calcium channel blocker that is used parenterally for cardiac arrythmias is :i
a- Verapamil hcl
b- Nefedipine
c- Captopril
d- Minoxidil

المجموعة الاولى جزء 5

41-Wich of the following has not been used for the treatment of Parkinsonism ?i
a- Cogentin
b- Artane
c- Tofranil
d- Kemadrin
i42-The drug that is most likely to induce bronchospasm is :i
a- Pindolol
b- Pentoxyfylline
c- Omeprazole
d- Lisinopril
i43-The anti-inflammatory effect of aspirin is due to :i
a- An anticoagulant effect
b- Inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins
c- An antigen-antibody reaction
d- All of the above
i44-The most useful drug in the treatment of diabetes insipidus is :i
a- Glibenclamide
b- Insulin
c- Metoclopramide
d- Desmopressin acetate
i45-The tricyclic antidepressant Iimipramine (Tofranil) has been approved by FDA for use in :i
a- Parkinson’s disease
b- Hypertension
c- Eneuresis
d- Peptic ulcer
e- None of the above
i46-Regular use of sublingual doses of Nitroglycerin is likely to result in :i
a- Hepatotoxicity
b- Nephrotoxicity
c- Peptic ulcer
d- Tolerance
i47-All of the following are beta blockers except :i
a- Metoprolol (Lopressor)i
b- Nadolol (Corgard)i
c- Enalapril (Renitec)i
d- Propranolol (Inderal)i
i48-Bisacodyl frequently can cause :i
a- Abdominal cramps
b- Constipation
c- Skin rashes
d- Dizziness
i49-An example of a pure opioid antagonist :i
a- Naloxone hcl (Narcan)i
b- Pentazocine (Sosegon)i
c- Nalbuphine(Nubain)i
d- Morphine
i50-Carbamazepine (tegretol) is used for treatment of :i
a- Eneuresis
b- Trigeminal neuralgia
c- Attention of defict disorder
d- Psoriasis
المجموعة الاولى جزء 6

51-Buspirone (Buspar) is classified pharmacologically as :i
a- Antidepressant
b- Anxiolytic agent
c- Narcotic analgesic
d- Hypnotic
i52-Dilitiazem is used primarily for its ability to produce :i
a- Cough depreaaion
b- Analgesia
c- Calcium channel blockade
d- Emesis
i53-Carbocysteine is an agent used clinically as :i
a- Laxative
b- Cough suppressant
c- Diagnostic agent
d- Mucolytic
i54-The following drugs may be given by sublingual route except :i
a- Digoxin
b- Nifedipine
c- Nitroglycerin
d- Isoprenaline
i55-Match the following antibiotics to the best description given below (a-d)i
a- Betalactam antibiotic active against pseudomonas
b- Pencillinase resistant betalactam
c- Contraindicated in children
d- Inhibits renal m etabolism
i1- Piperacillin
i2- Tetracycline
i3- Flucloxacillin
i4- Cilastin
i56-Disinfectants are expected to destroy or inhibit the growth of microbes which are in :i
a- The vegetative stage
b- The sporing stage
c- Both a and b
d- None of the above
i57-Which of the following is not a storage area for iron:i
a- Reticuloendothelial system
b- Kidney
c- Hepatocytes
d- Muscle
i58-Which of the following is a sulphonylurea antidiabetic drugs?i
a- Chlorpropamide
b- Bum etanide
c- Acetazolamide
d- Frusemide
i59-One drop has a volume of :i
a- 0.5 ml
b- 0.1 ml
c- 0.15 ml
d- Variable, depending on the liquid and the dropper
i60-Ketorolac is used in eye preparations as a/an :i
a- Anti-inflammatory
b- Antihistamine
c- Astringent
d- Corticosteroid
المجموعة الاولى جزء 7

61-Which of the following drugs is a vasodilator?i
a- Methyldopa
b- Mexitilline
c- Prazocin
d- Propranolol
i62-Which of the following drugs is not associated with haemolytic aneamia?i
a- Mefenamic acid
b- Methyldopa
c- Methadone
d- Methyl testosterone
i63-Which of the following Vitamins is essential in the formation of Prothrombin?i
a- Vitamin A
b- Vitamin B complex
c- Vitamin E
d- Vitamin K
i64-Which of the following is not used as an antitussive ?i
a- Noscapine
b- Pethidine
c- Codeine
d- Diphenhydramine
i65-Which of the following Local Anaesthetics is useful for topical administration only?i
a- Lidocaine
b- Bupivacaine
c- Benzocaine
d- Procaine
i66-The iron preparation given by the intravenous route is:i
a- Ferrous sulphate
b- Iron-dextran
c- Ferrous gluconate
d- Iron-sorbitol citric acid
i67-Carotenoids are precursors for which vitamin?i
a- Vitamine E
b- Vitamine D
c- Vitamine A
d- Vitamine K
i68-Which of the following is recommended for dyspepsia in pregnancy?i
a- Gaviscon
b- Pylorid
c- De-nol
d- Zantac
i69-Which of the following drug interactions is not used therapeutically?i
a- Epinephrine / Lidocaine
b- Probenicid / Penicillin
c- Pseudoephedrine / Salbutamol
d- Trimethoprim / Sulphamethoxazole
i70-The maximum daily dose of Glibenclamide is
a- 2.5 mg/day
b- 5 mg/day
c- 20 mg/day
d- 30 mg/day
المجموعة الاولى جزء 8

i71-Which of the following is not used to treat psychosis?i

a- Aluoxetine

b- Haloperidol
c- Perphenazine
d- Resperidone
i72-A sympathomimetic often present in OTC appetite suppressant is:i
a- Ephedrine
b- Phenylephedrine
c- Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)i

d- Caffeine

i73-Opioids have the following uses except:i
a- Anti tussive
b- Anti-inflammatory
c- Analgesics
d- Pre anaestetics
i74-Levocabastine is a/an:i
a- Antihistamine
b- Anti microbial
c- Anti inflammatory
d- Corticosteroid
i75-Which of the following is not used as aprophylaxis for migraine?i
a- Pizotifin b- Metoprolol c- Prazocin d- Propranolol
i76-The most common side effect of sublingual glyceryl trinitrate is:i
a- Nausea b- Throbbing headache c- Hypertension d- Skin rash
i77-All of the following are common iodine deficiency symptoms except:i
a- Goitre b- Intellectual disability c- Growth retardation d- Decreased early and late pregnancy miscarriage

i78-Which of the following insulins has the shortest duration of action?i
a- Isophane insulin b- Soluble insulin c- Insulin zinc suspension d- Protamine zinc insulin

i79-Vasopressin (ADH) is used therapeutically for:i
a- Treatment of polyuria caused by hypercalceamia b- Treatment of pituitary diabetes insipidus c- Decrease chest pain in refractory unstable angina d- Increasing uterine contractivity
i80-oral sympathomimetic decongestants should be avoided in patients who have:i
a- Asthma b- Cough c- Hypertension d- Throat infections

المجموعة الاولى جزء 9

i81-Percentage of total body iodine in thyroid glands is :i
a- 50%
b- 75%
c- 90%
d- 95%
i82-Daily saliva secretion is :i
a- 1 litres
b- 1.5 litres
c- 1.8 litres
d- 2 litres
i83-Normal serum bilirubin is :i
a- 0.5 – 1 mg %i
b- 1 – 3 mg %i
c- 3 – 4 mg %i
d- 4 – 5.5 mg %i
i84-Ovary secretes :i
a- FSH and LH only
b- Oestrogen and Progestrogen only
c- Oestrogen, Progestrogen and Androgen
d- All of these
i85- The absence of anti-A and anti-RH agglutinin plasma means that the subject is :i
a- A+ve or AB+ve
b- A-ve or AB-ve
c- B+ve or AB+ve
d- Type O
i86-The most important buffer in extracellular fluids is:i
a- Acetate
b- Bicarbonate
c- Phosphate
d- Protein
i87- Reticulocytosis indicate :i
a- Increased RBC formation
b- Decreased WBC formation
c- Decreased RBC formation
d- Increased WBC formation
i88-Ketosteroids in urine include :i
a- Adrenal and testicular function
b- Pituitary function
c- Hypothalamic function
d- Pancreatic function
i89-Which blood can be safely given to a patient of blood group AB positive?i
a- AB negative
b- A positive
c- B positive
d- O positive
i90- Function of gall bladder is :i
a- Increase alkalinity of bile
b- Increase concentration of bile
c- Increase intrabiliary presence
d- Increase phosphate level
المجموعة الاولى جزء 10

i91-Insulin causes :i
a- Increase glucose m etabolism
b- Increase gluconeogenesis
c- Increase lipolysis
d- Increase glycogenolysis
i92- Major pathway of excretion of Calcium is :i
a- Kidney
b- Gut
c- Kidney and Gut
d- None of the above
i93- The secretion of aldosterone is controlled by :i
a- Angiotensin
c- Epinephrine
d- Insulin
i94- First relay station of pain is :i
a- spinal cord
b- Medulla
d- thalamus
i95- Testosterone is secreted by :i
a- sertoli cells
b- leydig cells
c- germ cells
d- adrenal medulla
i96- Which neurotransmitter controls secretion of prolactin?i
a- Dopamine
b- Serotonin
c- Somatostatin
i97- Nucleus of a atom contains :i
a- Electrons
b- Only Protons
c- Electrons and Protons
d- Protons and Neutrons
i98- Which of the following is the fastest to be absorbed from the stomach?i
a- Carbonhydrate
b- Proteins
c- Fats
d- Water
i99- Function of calcitonin is to :i
a- Decrease level of Calcium
b- Increase level of Calcium
c- Increase level of Mg
d- Increase level of Potassium
i100- The following are true of insulin except :i
a- Glycopeptide
b- Secreted by beta cells
c- Causes lipogenesis
d- Promotes glycogenesis























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