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نموذج 5 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 1

i1- Which of the following NSAIDs is available in a parenteral form?
A. Ibuprofen
B. Ketorolac
C. Tolmetin
D. Piroxicam
E. None of the above

2- Muscle relaxant are seldom used for more

A. 2 to 3 weeks because Of toxicity
B. Of instability
C. Of short duration of need
D. Of tolerance being developed
E. They are used longer commonly

3- Linezolid is used against infections caused by antibiotic resistant
A. Gram- positive cocci
B. Gram- negative bacilli
C. HIV virus
D. Gram-positive bacilli
E. None of the above

4-Nateglinide stimulates the release of
A. Insulin
B. Epinephrine
C. Glucose
D. Glucagon
E. Norepinephrine

5- Mifeprostone is a receptor antagonist of which hormone?
A. Estrogen
B. Thyroid
C. Insulin
D. Cortisol
E. Progesterone

6- Rivastigmine has the primary action of inhibiting
A. Acetyl cholinesterase
B. Epinephrine
C. Gastric acid
D. Calcium influx
E. Histamine release

7- Which of the following are low molecular- weight heparin?
A. Tinzaparin
B. Enoxaparin
C. Dalteparin
D.B and C
E. A.B and C

8- Ocular timolo is used primary in
A. Glaucoma
B. Pink eye
C. conjunctivitis
D. Eye infections
E. Eye cleaners

9- Sucralfate is used for short term theraoy of
A. Ulcers
B. Hypertension
C. Carcinomas
D. Calcium depletion
E. Dental caries

10- Lorazepam is classified as
A. Loop diuretic
B. MAO inhibitor
C. Thiazide diuretic
D. Dibenzazepine
E. Polycyclic amine

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 2

i11- probantheline is contraindicated in patients with
A. Glaucoma
B. Myasthenia gravis
C. Obstructive disease of Gl tract
D. Ulcerative colitis
E. All of the above

12- Antiepileptics as a group are noted for developing or causing
A. Rashes
B. Atrial tachycardias
C. Tolerance
D. Spasms
E. Headache

13- Selenium sulfide is used
A. Orally
B. Tolerance
C. By injection
D. By none of the a bove
E. By all of the a bove

14-Zonisamide is considered a broad spectrum
A. Antibiotic
B. Anticonvulsant
C. Antiviral
E. Antihistamine

15- Baclofen is used primarily as a(an)
A. Sympathomimetic
B. Antianxiety agent
C. Muscle relaxant
D. Antispasmodic
E. Tranquilizer

16- Beta interferon is used to treat
A. *****- onset diabetes
B. Hypertension
C. cardiac insufficiency
D. Multiple sclerosis
E. Ulcers

17-. Aprevalent side effect of propylthiouracil is
A. Hearing loss
B. Visual impairment
C. Acidosis
D. Leukopenia
E. Muscular spasm

18- candassartan is used as a(an)

A. Diuretic
B. Antihypertensive
C. Hypnotic
D. Sedative
E. Antidepressant

19- the pharmacologic actions of sulindac include
1.Anti-inflammatory properties
11.Analgesic properties
111.Antipyretic properties

F. 1only
I. 11and111only
J. 1,11and111

20- Mirtazapine is used to treat symptoms of
A. Depression
B. Parkinsonism
C. Gout
D. Petit mal epilepsy
E. None of the above

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 3

i21- Ofloxacin is classified as a (an)
A. Antifungal
B. Antiviral
C. Broad-spectrum antibiotic
D. Narrow spectrum antibiotic
E. Antirickettsial

22- Zidovudine may commonly cause which of
The following as a side effect?

A. Vasoconstriction
B. Dryness of the mouth
C. Hyperactivity
D. Anemia
E. Anuria

23- Mupicorin ointment is used topically to treat
A. Conjunctivitis
B. All types of eye infections
C. Impetigo
D. Carcinomas of the skin
E. Hemorrhoids

24- Pentoxifylline acts primarily by
A. Dissolving cholesterol
B. Decreasing viscosity of the blood
C. Increasing biotransformation
D. Oxidative mechanisms
E. Preventing formation of cholesterol

25- Which of the following is most useful in treating hypertensive crisis?
A. Sodium nitorprusside

B. Serpasil
C. Chlorothiazide
D. Spironolactone
E. Triamterene

26- Alloprinol differs from most other agents used to treat gouty conditions because
A. Does not decrease uric acid levels
B. Prevents formation of uric acid
C. Increase elimination of uric acid
D. Causes rapid biotransformation of uric acid
E. Has analgesic properties

27- Estrogen tend to increase the risk of
A. Endometrial carcinoma
B. Hirsutism
C. Hearing loss
D. Visual problems
E. pregnancy

28- Which of the following drugs is contraindicated when used with sildenafil?
A. Fluroquinolones
B. Organic nitrates
C. Penicillins
D. Calcium channel blockers
E. none of the above

29- Gentamicin exhibits
A. Significant hepatotoxicity
B. Significant cardiotoxicity
C. Significant dermal toxicity
D. Significant nephrotoxicity
E. All of the above

30- Risendronate is classified as a (an)
A. Cardio suppressant
B. Bisphosphonate
C. Diuretic
D. Immunosuppressant
E. Sympathomimetic

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 4

i31- Carbamazepine is used as an anticonvulsant as well as to treat pain from
A. Kidney infections
B. Burns
C. Muscle injuries
D. Sinus headache
E. Trigeminal neuralgia

32- Methylphenidate is used to treat
A. Fatigue
B. Hyperkinesis disorders
C. Anxiety
D. Depression
E. Obesity

33- Doxorubicin is used to treat
A. A wide variety of infections
B. Gram- positive infections
C. Gram- negative infections
D. Viral infections
E. Carcinomas

34- A drug is useful in treating potentially fatal fungal infections is
A. Nystatin
B. Propionic acid
C. Amphotericin
D. Nystatin
E. Griseofulvin

35- The use of thyroid hormones in the treatment of odesity is
A. Widely accepted
B. Unjustified
C. Acceptable in combination with other drugs
D. Only acceptable if other treatments fail
E. Acceptable if the patient is closely monitored

36- An advantage of dextromethorphan ove codeine as an antitussive is that it
A. Is twice as affective
B. Is more stable
C. Has no side effects
D. Produces very little depression of the CNS
E. Has better analgesic properties

37- Nonselective 2- adrenoreceptor antagonists are used primarily in
A. Peripheral vascular disorder
B. Tachycardia
C. Migraine headache
D. Atherosclerosis
E. Renal insufficiency

38- Antimuscarinic drugs are contraindicated in
A. Narrow angle glaucoma
B. Paralytic ilens
C. Pyloric or intestinal obstruction
D. A and B
E. A, B and C

39- Zanamivir and ostelamivir are both FDA approved for
A. Treatment of influenza A infection
B. Treatment of influenza B infection
C. Prophylaxis of influenza infections
D. A and B
E. A, B and C

40- Which of the following drugs is not a proton pump inhibitor?
A. Pantoprazole
B. RabeprazolE
C. Lansoprazole
D. Sulfisoxazole
E. Omeprazole

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 5

i41- A danger of prolonged use of pilocarpine salta as a miotic is
A. Tearning
B. Glaucoma
C. Conjunctivitis
D. Detached retina
E. Lens opacity

42- A serious side effect of furosemide in treating heart patients is that it
A. Interact with digitalis glycosides
B. Causes arterial blockade
C. May cause anuria
D. Causes hypertension
E. May lose its effects

43- Which of the following drugs require electrocardiographic monitorizing
Prior to infection of therapy?

A. Ziprasidone
B. Arsenic trioxide
C. Cisapride
D. A and B
A,B and C

44- Lumivudine is usually classified as a(an)
A. H2 antagonist
B. Ulcer protectant
C. Antiviral
D. Oral antidiabetic
E. Anthelmintic

45- Prolonged usages of sublingual nitrates is likely to cause
A. Ulcers
B. Anuria
C. Rashes
D. Development of tolerance
E. Persistent headache

46- Streptokinase is used to
A. Dissolve blood clots
B. Treat digestive disorders
C. Promote carbohydrate degradation
D. Treat muscle injuries
E. Replace pepsin

47- Gold compounds have been used to teat
A. Worm infestations
B. Ulcers
C. Kidny failure
D. Rheumatoid arthritis
E. Psoriasis

48- Tamoxifen is classified as a(an)
A. Estrogen
B. Antiestrogen
C. Androsterone
D. Testosterone
E. Thyroid hormone

49-Beriberi is associated whith a deficiency of
A. Vitamin D
B. Thiamine
C. Vitamin C
D. Niacin
E. Riboflavin

50- A drug is used to treat delirium tremens is
A. Chlordiazepoxide
B. Haloperidol
C. Disulfiram
D. Methadone
E. None of the above

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 6

i51- Cromolyn sodium acts by
A. Destroying histamine
B. Releasing histamine
C. Biotransforming histamine
D. Preventing the release of histamine
E. None of the above

52- The anti-infammatory action of aspirin is due to
A. Analgesia
B. Inhibition of clotting
C. Antipyretic effect
D. Degradation of prostaglandins
E. Inhibition of prostaglandins synthesis

53- Castor oil is classified as which type of laxative?
A. Lubricating
B. Anthraquinone
C. Irritant
D. Stool softening
E. Bulk producing

54- Penicillamine is most commonly used to treat
A. Parkinsonism
B. Wilson’s disease
C. Neoplasms
D. Raynaud’s disease
E. Gram- positive infections

55- Which of the following durg are withdrawn from the US market
In 2001 due to increased risk of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis?

A. Cerevastatin
B. Cisapride
C. Dexfenfluramine
D. Terfenadine
E. Astemizole

56- Doxycycline oral gel is used to treat
A. Periodontitis
B. Aphthous ulcers
C. Acne
D. Lyme disease
E. Arthritis

57- Which of the following drugs requires a dosage adjustment in patients with renal impairment?
A. Famotidine
B. Capecitabine
C. Gentamicin
D. A and C
E. A, B and C

58- Aprevalent side effect of norethindrone is
A. Diarrhea ِِِ
B. Breakthrough bleeding
C. Blood dyscrasiency
D. Cardiac insufficiency
E. Abortion

59- the preferred way to offset hypokalemia is to
A. Eat citrus fruit
B. Eat sea food or fish
C. Administer potassium salt
D. Administer IV electrolytes
E. Dimnish urination

60- Persons receiving MAO inhibitors should control their intake of
A. Some fermented and beverages
B. Carbohydrates
C. Fats and lipids
D. Water
E. salicylate analgesics

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 7

i61- Which of the following drug’s may inhibit the m etabolism of ziprasidone?
I. Erythromycin
II. Ketoconazole
III. Phenobarbital

A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

62- Flumazenal is a specific antagonist for which of the following drugs?
I. Meperidine
II. Propoxyphene
III. Diazepam

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

63- Which of the following antidepressant also had an indication for smoking cessation?
A. Haloperidol
B. Bupropion
C. Citalopram
D. Mirtazapine
E. Paroxetine

64- Docosanol is a (an)
A. Diuretic
B. Nonnarcotic analgesic
C. Anti- inflammatory
D. Antiviral
E. Anthelmintic

65- Which of the following statements is true regarding the
Administration of alendronate?

I. Take more than 30 minutes before first food or beverage of the day
II. Take with 6 to 8 ounces of plain water
III. Remain fully upright ( sitting or standing ) for about 30 minutes

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

66- Testosterone is available as which of the following dosage form?
I. Ointments
II. Injection
III. Transdermal patch

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

67- Which of the following is an oral hypoglycemic agent?
A. Ketorolac
B. Pioglitazone
C. Doconasol
D. Riluzole
E. Terbinafine

68- The concurrent administration (within 1 to 2 hours of dosing) of nislopidine should be avoided wih which of the following?
I. High _ fat meal
II. Grapefruit juice
III. Cocoa

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

69- Which of the following drugs may be administered without regard to meals?
I. Valaciclovir
II. Cetirizine
III. Acarbose

A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

70- Dexfenfluramine, an agent approved for the treatment of obesity , was removed from the U.S market due to
A. Cardiac valvular dysfunction
B. Gastric ulcerations
C. Renal toxicity
D. Ototoxicity
E. Hepaic impairment

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 8

i71- The terminal half _ life of alendronate is
A. 10 days
B. 10 months
C. 10 years
D. 10 hours
E. 10 minutes

72- Serotonin syndrome is characterized by which of the following syndrome?
I. Mental states changes
II. Tremor
III. Diaphoresis

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II and III

73- the FDA has recommended the removal of which ingredient found in cough/cold products due to an association with hemorrhagic strke?
A. Dextromethorphan
B. Psedoephedrine
C. Guanfenisen
D. Phenylpropanolamine
E. Ephedrine

74- Which of the following antacids should not be used in dialysis patients?
l. Aluminum hydroxide
ll. Magnnesium hydroxide
lll.Calcium carbonate

A. l only
B. ll only
C. l and lll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l,ll and lll

75- Melatonin reg ulates which of the following functions?
l. Sleep
ll. Circadian
lll. Respiration

A. l only
B. ll only
C. l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l , ll and lll

76- Tacrolimus oin tment is used primarily to treat

A. Pain
B. Atopic dermatitis
C. Sunburns
D. Skin grafts
E. Poison ivy

77- In 2001 , Which analgesic experienced significant misuses and diversion, requiring revisions in the warning section of the product labeling?
A. Oxy contin
B. Demerol
C. Tylenol #3
D. Toradol
E. roxanol

78- Which of the following drug combination has (have) been effective therapy for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori?

l. Clarithromycin/ ranitidine bismuth citrate
ll. Omeprazole/ clarithromycin
lll. Ciprofloxacin/ erythromycin

A. l only
B. ll only
C. l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l ,ll and lll

79- Ziprasiodne , an agent used to treat schizophrenia , exerts its pharmacological effects by
A. Inhibiting histamine reuptake
B. Stimulating serotonin synthesis
C. Blocking dopamine
D. Stimulating dopamine release
E. None of the above

80- Ocular timolol is used primarily to treat
A. Mydriasis

B. Glaucoma
C. Cataracts
D. Conjunctivitis
E. None of the above

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 9

81iCetirizine is a
A. Nonspecific histamine antagonist
B. Histamine 1 antagonist
C. Histamine 2 antagonist
D. Histamine 1 agonist
E. Histamine 2 ahonist

82- Bivalirudin is a (an)
A. Anticoagulant
B. Anti- infective
D. Antiviral

83- Cevimeline is used to treat
A. Dermatitis
B. Xerostomia
C. Allergic rhinitis
D. Tinea versicolor
E. Eczema

84- Crotalide is used to treat the bites of

A. Fleas
B. North American vipers
C. Ticks
D. Rabid animals
E. Black widow spiders

85- Which of the following statements regarding fosphenytoin are true?

l. Fosphenytoin is completely converted to phenytion after intravenous or I ntramuscular administration
ll. The administration of 1 mmol of phenytion
111. Monitoring serum phenytion leveis is not necessary

A. l only
B. ll only
C. l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l , ll and lll

86- The principal adverse effect of acarbose is
A. Hematologic
B. Gastrointestinal
C. Renal
D. Hepatic
E. D. ermal

87- Unoprostone is FDA approved to treat
A. Ovarian cancer
B. Hodgkin’s disease
C. Open angel glaucoma
D. Conjunctivitis
E. Tinnitus

88- Oral parenteral ketorolac therapy is limited to 5 days of therapy due to an increased risk of
A. Renal impairment
B. Gastro intestinal bleeding/ perforation
C. Liver failure
D. CNS disturbances
E. A and B

89- Which of the following HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors causes the greatest percentage increase in HDL?
A. Simvastatin
B. Pravastatin
C. Lovastatin
D. Fluvastatin
E. All produce *****alent reductions

90- Sibutramine should not be used in patients
l. With a body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2
ll. Taking MAO inhibitors
lll. With poorly controlled hypertension

A. l only
B. lll only
C. l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l , ll and lll

المجموعة الرابعة جزء 10

i91- Diuretics tend to enhance lithium salt toxicity due to
A. Sodium depletion
B. Potassium depletion
C. Direct drug interaction
D. Increased absorption
E. Increased solubility of the lithium salts

92- Leflunamide is used to treat
A. Crohn’s disease
B. Rheumatoid arthritis
C. Psoriasis
D. Photoallergic reactions
E. None of the above

93- Sumatriptan use is contraindicated in patients
l. With a history of ischemic heart disease
ll. Taking phenelzine
lll. With uncontrolled hypertension

A. l only
B. lll only
C. l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l ,ll and lll

94- Eptifibatide is classifided as a (an)
A. Fluoroquinolone
B. Glycoprotein llb/ llla receptor inhibitor
C. Diuretic
D. Antihypertensive
E. None of the above

95- Finasteride’s action in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy is a (an)
A. HMG- CoA reductase inhibitor
B. Alpha-5reductase inhibitor
C. Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
D. P450 hepatic enzyme inhibitor
E. None of the above

96- A useful agent in the treatment of bladder incontinence is
A. Nalmefene
B.. olterodine
C. Tolcapone
D. Valrubicin
E.None of the above

97- Which of the following agents are approved for treatment of narcolepsy?
l. Modafinil
ll. Methylphenidate
lll. Dextroamphetamine

A. l only
B. lll only
C.l and ll only
D. ll and lll only
E. l , ll and lll

98- Misoprostol is used to
A. Treat gastric ulcers
B. Prevent NSAID-induced gastric ulcrrs
C. Prevent osteoporosis
D. Prevent renal toxicity
E.Treat Paget’s disease

99- Acarbose , a hypoglycemic agent, exerts which of the following mechanisms of action?
A.Increased insulin secretion
B. Increased insulin receptor sensitivity
C . Decreases circulating insulin antibiotics
D. Delays digestion of carbohydrates
E. None of the above

100- Which of the following drugs interferes with the m etabolism of indinavir?
A. Ketoconazole
B. Ciprofloxacin
C. Digoxin
D. Lorazepam
E. None of the above

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