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الدخول الي المعادلة الأستراليه بمراحلها

•بعد الوصول الي مستوي الانجليزي المطلوب سواء كان  ,or OET IELTS

يتم الدخول الي المعادلة بمراحلها واولها
Stage I
وهي امتحان يتم مرتين في السنه شهر مارس وشهر سبتمبر وهو عبارة عن امتحان علي ورقتين خلال يومين
تتكون كل ورقة من 100 سؤال اختياري لمدة ساعتين لكل ورقة في كل الاقسام المختلفة

Paper I
الورقة الاولي تغطي الاقسام التالية •STAGE I EXAMINATION •Subject Areas Pharmaceutical ChemistryOrganic Chemistry •nomenclature, drug class recognition, reaction types, functional group reactivity, drug stability, acid base reactions, chelation agents. Stereochemistry •nomenclature, optical activity, geometric isomerism, conformation. Physical Chemistry •kinetics, acid base reactions, phase
equilibria, radio chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry •spectroscopy, redox reactions, assay techniques, diagnostic agents. Biochemistry •nomenclature, structures, biochemical classes, thermodynamics, biochemical pathways. Medicinal chemistry •structure activity relationships, drug presentation and delivery, drug formulation and stability, drug metabolism, mechanism of drug action, modern drug development, and absorption, distribution and elimination of drugs. Reading List •Brown, G I Introduction to physical chemistry 3rd Edn, Longman, 1983. •Foye, W O Principles of medicinal Chemistry 4th Edn Lea Febiger, 1995. •general, organic and biological chemistry 5th Edn, Wiley, 1995. •Lehninger, A L Principles of biochemistry 2nd Edn, Worth, 1993. •Murray, R K & others Harper’s biochemistry 23rd Edn, Appleton Lange, 1993. •Nogrady, T Medicinal chemistry – a biochemical approach 2nd Edn Oxford U.P., 1990.

Pharmacology •principles of drug action, drug interactions, receptor pharmacology, autonomic transmission, endocrine pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, anti-inflammatory agents and analgesics, antibiotics, diuretics, local and general anaesthetics, vitamins, drugs affecting nutritional and metabolic function, drugs affecting the central nervous system. Chemotherapy •antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, anthelmintic and anticancer drugs Toxicology •common side effects and signs of toxicity. Pathophysiology •alteration of physiological processes by drugs or disease states. General Physiology •central nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems and their integration; blood and other body fluids

Reading List •& Hardman, J G and Limbird, L E Goodman and Gillman’s The Pharmacological basis of therapeutics 9th Edn, McGraw-Hill, 1996 •&Katzung, B G Basic and clinical pharmacology 8th Edn, Lange, 2001 •&McKenna, B R and Callander, R Illustrated physiology 6th Edn, Churchill Livingstone, 1997. •&Marieb, E N Human anatomy and physiology 5th Edn Benjamin/Cummings, 2000. •& Rang N P and Dale M M Pharmacology 4th Edn, Churchill Livingstone, 1999. •&Vander, A J & others Human physiology 8th Edn, •McGraw-Hill, 2001


•تتكون الورقة الثانية من •STAGE I EXAMINATION •Paper 2 Pharmaceutics •Physical pharmacy:
solvents, types of preparation, solutions, suspensions, emulsions.
Biopharmaceutics: dissolution, drug absorption, bioavailability and bioequivalence, drug
interactions with a biopharmaceutical basis.
biological half-life, elimination rate constants, apparent volume of
distribution, clearance, steady state considerations, drug protein binding, relevant
Pharmaceutical microbiology:
preservation, antimicrobial agents, sterilisation technology.
Formulation: formulation of drugs for various routes of administration, parenteral dose
forms, controlled release preparations, evaluation of particular dose forms.


Suggested references: •Aulton, M E(Ed) Pharmaceutics, the science of dosage form design 3rd Edition,
Churchill Livingstone,1 2007. •Florence, A T & Attwood D Physicochemical principles of pharmacy 4th Edn,
Macmillan, 2005. •Gibaldi, M Biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacokinetics 4th Edn, Lea and
Febiger, 1991. •Hugo, W B and Russell A D Pharmaceutical microbiology Blackwell, 1999.
Martin A N & others Physical pharmacy 4th Edn, Lea and Febiger, 1993.
Candidates Information Handbook – Stream A March 2008 V4.2 Page 12 of 71 •Rowland, M and Tozer, T N Clinical pharmacokinetics 3rd Edn Lea and Febiger,1995. •Shargel, L and Yu, ABC Applied pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics 4th Edn Appleton & Lange, 1999.


Therapeutics •Calculations:
dilutions, percentages, densities, sensitivity of balance, proportions,

isotonicity, milliequivalents/milliosmoles, buffers, dose calculations from body weight or
surface area, stability.
appropriate dosages and dosage regimens of common medications.
Prescriptions: adverse reactions, common contra-indications and indications, drug interactions, patient counselling and advice.
Surgical dressings, appliances and drug delivery systems.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medications:
non-prescription prescribing, diagnosis of minor
illness, rational OTC product selection, OTC drug information.
Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics:
problem solving, drug management of disease •states, clinical relevance of biochemical parameters.


Suggested references: •Herfindal E, Gourley D & Hart LL (eds) Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics 5th
Edn Williams and Wilkins, 1992. •Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Counselling guide for non-prescription •medicines •, 2000
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Professional practice standards, 1999
Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia, Practice standards and definitions,
Version 3, 2006


Other General Texts •Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) 2007
Australian Prescriber: http://www.australianprescriber.com
Martindale: The extra pharmacopoeia: The Pharmaceutical Press, London.
Australian pharmaceutical formulary and handbook: (APF) (available from the
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia at
www.psa.org.au). (Also contains a list of useful websites)Pathology and therapeutics for pharmacists: (available from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia).Candidates are advised to consult their own School of Pharmacy for suitable references. •Please note that the APC cannot provide candidates with the above texts or act on their behalf in purchasing textbooks. •هذه كل المحتوي الخاص بالامتحان للمرحلة الاولي من المعادلة


ملحوظة هامة
ليس المطلوب دراسة كل هذه المراجع بالطبع وانما ما هي الا مراجع ترشحها النقابة هنا ليس اكثر
ولكن الكتب الاساسية للدراسة وهي متوفرة في مصر بالطبع
comprehensive pharmaceutical Review
وهما اهم المراجع المهمه في الامتحان بخصوص الكتابين المذكورين هما كافيين الي حد كبير لتغطية كل لاجزاء الخاصة بالورقة الاولي وعند النجاح في هذا الامتحان يحق لك التقديم علي الهجرة ومن ثم البداية في خطوات المرحلة الثانية وهي تشمل
امتحانات عملي
امتحانات نظري
امتحانات شفوي
اعداد ابحاث
حتي يكتمل التسجيل
وتصبح صيدلي حاصل علي الرخصة الاسترالية •فخطوات الهجرة لا يصح ان تبدأ الا بعد هذا الامتحان



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