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Dear, Human Resources and Recruitment Department –
I would like to introduce our company Twasul for Egyptians overseas recruitment. We can supply your company whatever Cadres needed to be your partner for success. Al Monir Holds license no. 296 which we are sorted one of the oldest recruitment company in Egypt for more than 30 years in Egyptian and GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman).
Al Monir offers you:
1) Fulfills your demands by sending CVS for all Fields your company Needs (white or blue -collars ).
2) we arrange first interviews depends on your company needs to make sure that the candidate fulfill your criteria or not.
3) Interview Section
This section is intended to arrange and organize job interviews between clients of companies’ representatives and selected human resources who are looking for their dream job. or a live stream interview.
4) for blue collars: we make test workshops to make sure the personnel are suitable enough.
5) Al-Monir Company offers ratification and authentication services of documents, certificates and forms from GCC embassies and consulates for the selected candidates.
6) We have an integrated team working professionally and speedy in issuance of work visas for carefully selected human cadres.
I will be glad to cooperate with your company to fulfill your vacancy needs and be your partner of success.
for more information please find the attached portfolio

Human Resources
002001115535344 / 002001117803078

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