Pharmaceutical call center manager

4 months
Direction :

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Vacancy   :

1. keep an eye on his customer service team
2. make sure the agents are following the right process and script
3. randomly check recorded calls to confirm that there was no abuse or misleading
4. he must be the one with best knowledge as he is the one to be referred to when a customer asks to speak to a manager
5. responsible for handing day-to-day report for the team performance
6. distribute tasks among the team members to make sure they are achieving their target
7. evaluate the team periodically according to:
8. trains his team on any changes or updates in the process

Should have a successful record in a reputable well known chain pharmacy.
Must me a pharmacist.
If these criteria is matching with you please send your c.v for with in 1 weak

El- Mehwar EL markzy, 8th District, 6 October University Library St, Royal Towar 3rd
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