نموذج 8 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة السابعة جزء 1

i1- Which of the following drugs inhibits the formation of uric acid
A) Aspirin

B) Colchicine
C) Allopurinol

D) Sodium salicylate

i2– Which of the following is NOT an indication if digoxin
A) Congestive heart failure

B) Atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter

C) Ventricular tachycardia

D) Sinus tachycardia caused by congestive heart failure

i3- The therapeutic effect of warfarin is achieved by
A) Dissolving existing thrombi

B) Preventing the thrombus formation when blood stasis occurs

C) Preventing the renal synthesis of Vitamin K

D) Preventing the thrombus formation n vitro

i4- The antihypertensive effect of Guanethidine is inhibited by which of the following
A) Diazepam

B) Amitryptilline

C) Hydrochlorthiazide

D) Nitrofurantoin

i5- In interaction of Amiloride with Caotopril there is a possibility of
A) Hypokaleamia

B) Hyperkaleamia

C) Hypocalcamia


i6- Which of the following is not true about Simvastatin
A) It is a HMG CoA reductase inhibitor

B) Its main adverse effect is Gl disturbances

C) Concomittant administration of Simvastatin with cyclosporine is associated with increased risk of myopathy

D) The dose should be adjusted in renal failure patients

i7- The possible interaction between Cisapride (Prepulsid) and Hyoscine butyl
A) Cisapride will increase the antimuscarinic side effect of Buscopan

B) They counteract the effect of each other

C) Buscopan will increase the adverse effects of cisapride

D) Cisapride will displace Buscopan from the plasma protein binding sites

i8- Which of the following dose not lower plasma lipoprotein concentrations
A) Nicotinamide

B) Simvastatin

C) Cholestyramine

D) Gemfibrozil

i9- The most common side effect related to the use of Aluminium containing antacids is
A) Nausea,Vomitting

B) Constipation

C) Diarrhoea

D) Gl bleeding

i10- A disadvantage in the use of cimetidine, is its ability cause
A) Hair growth

B) Decreased prolactin secretion

C) Inhibition of hepatic microsomal enzymes

D) Oesophageal reflux

المجموعة السابعة جزء 2

i11- Regular use of sublingual doses of Glyceryl trinitrate is likely to result in the development of
A) Hepatotoxicity

B) Nephrotoxicity

C) Tolerance

D) Respiratory impairment

i12- Gastric intrinsic factor is a glycoprotein that is required for Gl absorption
A) Vitamine B12

B)Folic acid

C) Iron

D) Calcium

i13- Which of the following ACE inhibitors has the shortest duration of action
A) Enalapril

B) Captopril

C) Lisinopril

D) Perindopril

i14- Which of the following antacids is most likely to induce rebound acidity
A) Aluminium hydroxide

B)Magnesium hydroxide

C) Simethicone

D) Calcium carbonate

i15- Apatient who has excessive levels of amylase indicate a disease of the
A) Liver

B) Heart

C) Pancreas
D) Kidney

i16- Sucralfate is best described as a \an
A) Artificial sweetner
B) Denaturing agent for alcohol

C) Ulcer protectant

D) Oral hypoglyceamic

i17- Which of the following drugs is suitable to treat a hypertensive patient who also has Asthma and Hyperuriceamia
A) Amlodipine
B) Hydrochlorthiazide

C) Moduretic

D) Propanolol

i18- Cromolyn is used in the following EXCEPT
A) In preventing food allergy

B) For local application to the eye

C) For local application to the nose

D) For local application to the skin

i19- Anoverdose of which drug can cause insomnia,arrythmais and convulsions
A) Aminophylline
B) Prednisolone

C) Adrenaline

D) Beclomethasone

i20- Which of the following is most likely to have long term side effects when used to treat asthma in a 10 yr old child
A) Daily administration of salbutamol by inhaler

B) Daily administration of prednisolone by mouth
C) Daily administration of beclomethasone by inhaler
D) Daily administration of cromolyn by inhaler

المجموعة السابعة جزء 3

i21- Which of the following antibiotics is ONLY used topically
A) Polymixin B

B) Pencillin G

C) Carbenicillin

D) Clindamycin

i22- Chloramphenicol is the drug of choice in
A) Symptomatic salmonella infections

B) Tuberculosis

C) Cholera

D) Streptococcal pharyngitis

i23- Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about clindamycin
A) It is effective against staphylococcus aureus

B) It is effective against anaerobic organisms

C) The major side effect is Pseudomembraneous colitis

D) It is indicated for serious bone infections

i24- Nedocromil is classified as
A) A beta- agonist
B) Methylxanthine

C) Mast- cell- stabilizer
D) Glucocorticoid

i25- Salmeterol is a
A) Abeta-agonist

B) Methylxanthine

C) Mast-cell- stabilizer
D) Muscarinic antagonist

i26- Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about Diphenhydramine
A) It has an expectorant effect

B) It has an antihistaminic effect

C) It has an atropine like effect
D) It is contraindicated in patients with prostate hypertrophy

i27- Which of the following drugs DOES NOT cause insomnia

B) Caffeine

C) Beta blockers

D) Barbiturates

i28- Which of the following can reduce the effectiveness of sulphonamides antibiotics
A) Folic acid

B) Pantothenic acid

C) Vitamin B12

D) Methotrexate

i29- Which of the following is the most effective drug for the treatment of motion sickness
A) metoclopramide

B) ondanestron
C) Prochlorperazine
D) cinnarizine

i30- Which one of the following is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic drug
A) Buspirone
B) Lorazepam

C) Haloperidol

D) Pimozide

المجموعة السابعة جزء 4

i31- If a CNS drug is extensively ionized at the PH of blood, it will
A) Penetrate the Blood brain Barrier slowly

B) Penetrate the Blood brain Barrier rapidly

C) Be eliminated slowly

D) Not be distributed to any tissue sites

i32- Which of the following is NOT an indication of Tranexamic acid
A) Treatment of haemorrhage associated with excessive fibrinolysis

B) An antidote for streptokinase overdose

C) Prophylaxis of hereditary angioedema

D) Prevent haemorrhage due to heparin overdose

i33- Phenobarbital will interact with warfarin through which mechanism A) Induction of microsomal enzymes B) Induction of non- microsomal enzymes C) Inhibition of non- microsomal enzymes D) Inhibition of microsomal enzymes

i34- Sulphonyureas e.g; Glibenclamide (Daonil)act by
A) I ncreasing the secretion of insulin from beta cells
B) Increasing the uptake of glucose by muscle

C) Reducing the hepatic synthesis of glucose

D) All of the above

i35- Which of the following is NOT a third generation cephalosporin
A) Cefuroxime

B) Cefriaxone

C) Ceftazidime
D) Cefotaxime

i36- Which of the following drugs has alow therapeutic index
A) Dioxin (Lanoxin)

B) Dilitiazem( Dilzem)

C) Theophylline (Theodur)

D) a and c above

i37- Which of the following salts commonly cause diarrhea
A) Aluminum hydroxide

B) Ferrous sulphate

C) Magnesium hydroxide
D) All of the above

i38- Which of the following is a gram positive bacteria
A) Streptococcus faecalis

B) Salmonells typhi

C) Haemophilus influenza

D) E. Coli

i39- Which of the following can be used safely to treat diabetes in pregnancy
A) Metformin (Glucophage)
B) Glibenclamide (Daonil)

C) Insulin

D) None of the above

i40- Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) is
A) Progesterone receptor antagonist

B) Progesterone receptor agonist
C) Oestrogen receptor agonist

D) Oestrogen receptor antagonist

المجموعة السابعة جزء 5

i41- Which of the following insulins has the longest duration of action

A) Actrapid
B) Insultard

C) Monotard

D) Ultralente

i42- Which of the following can increase the level of HDL- cholesterol
A)Cholestyramine (Questran)

B) Fluvastatin (Lescol)

C) Gemfibrosil (Lopid)

D) Simvastatin (Zocor)

i43- Which of the following drugs is SAFE in G6PD deficiency
A) Cephalexin
B) Dapsone
C) Primaquin

D) Sulphamethoxazole

i44- Which of the following is a prostaglandin analogue
A) Cimetidine

B) Misoprostol

C) Omeprazole

D) Sucralfate

i45- Which of the following is a natural emulsifying agent
A) Acacia

B) Lactose
C) Polysorbate 20

D)Sorbittan monopalmitate

i46- Cocoa butter (Theobroma oil) exhibits all of the following properties except that
A) It meits between 33 and 35 degrees centigrade
B) It is a mixture of glycerides

C) It is useful in formulating suppositories

D) It is soluble in water

i47- Which of the following is an occasional side effect of the ACE- Inhibitors
A) Alopecia

B) Cough
C) Hypokaleamia

D) All of the above

i48- Ibuprofen is a
A) Fenamate derivative

B) Propionic acid derivative

C)Pyrazolline derivative

D) None of the above

i49- The specific antagonist for benzodiazepine overdose is
A) Flucytosine

B) Flumazenil

C) Flunarizine
D) Flurazepam

i50- In asthma, Cromolyn sodium(Intal) acts via
A)Antagonism of H-1 receptors

B) Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle

C) Stabilization of epithelial mast cells

D) None of the above
المجموعة السابعة جزء 6

i51- According to recent evidence, which of the following is associated with the lowest risk of gastro- intestinal side –effect
A) Diclofenac

B) Ibuprofen

C) Naproxen

D) Piroxicam

i52- Which of the following can be used safely in a patient who is allergic to aspirin

B) Ibuprofen

C) Meloxicam

D) None of the above

i53- Which one of the following must be avoided during treatment with methotrexate
A) Aspirin
B) Cimetidine

C) Folic acid

D) Metoclopramide

i54- What daily dose of aspirin is considered to be anti- inflammatory
A) 500 to 1g

B) 1g to 2g

C) more than 3g

D) 75 mg daily

i55- Which one of the following blocks the neuromuscular junction
A) Baclofen
B) Chlordiazepoxide

C) Diazepam
D) Vecuronium

i56- The expiry date of a drug is usually the time when potency falls below
A) 90%

B) 85 %


D) 75 %

i57- The term “store in a cool place “means that the temperature must not exceed
A) 4 centigrade

B) 10 centigrade

C) 15 centigrade

D) 30 centigrade

i58- Which of the following is the drug of choice for an acute febrile convulsion
A) Carbamazepine

B) Clonazepam

C) Diazepam

D) Phenytoin

i59- Peripheral neuritis due to isoniazid can be avoided by giving which vitamin
A) Ascorbic acid

B) Pyridoxine

C) Riboflavine

D) Thiamine

i60- Tuberculosis is treated with a combination of drugs because
A) This prevents the emergence of resistant organisms

B) Itimproves drug penetration in to the mycobacterium

C) It minimizes the rifampicin toxicity

D) Itminimizes the isoniazid toxicity

المجموعة السابعة جزء 7

i61- According to USP,if a medicine expires “January 2001” it must not be used after
A) January 01,2001

B) January15,2001

C) January 31,2001

D) December 31,2001

i62- The antibacterial mechanism of penicillin is most similar to
A) Clindamycin ( Dalacin

B) Tetracycline (Achromycin)

C) Ciprofloxacin (Ciprobay)

D) Cefachlor (Ceclor

i63- Which of the following statements about Doxycycline is NOT true
A) It is mainly excreted in the faeces

B) It commonly causes gastrointestinal distress

C) Its absorption is inhibited bt antacids and milk

D) It may produce phototoxic reaction on exposure to sunlight

i64- Which of the following antibioitics should be administered to a patient whose renal function is severly compromised
A) Erythromycin

B) Tobramycin

C) Norfloxacillin

D) Piperacillin

i65- All of the following agents cause their toxic effects by interferences in DNA trans cription
A) Cisplatin

B) Tamoxifen

C) Doxorubicin

D) Cyclophosphamide

i66- Hyperkaleamia is a contraindication to the use of

A) Chlorthalidone

B) Acetazolamide

C) Spironolactone

D) Chlorthalidone

i67- Which of the following is not a beta-lactam abntibiotic

A) Aztreonam

B) Imipenem

C) Streptomycin

D) Ampicillin

i68- Which of the following is not recommended for the amanagement of allergic rhinitis

A) Systemic nasal decongestants

B) Corticosteroids

C) Cromoglycate

D) Nedocromil

i69- Which of the following is a risk factor for heart disease

A) Low HDL cholesterol

B) Low LDL cholesterol
C) Low triglycerides

D) Low VLDL cholesterol

i70- Which of the following is TRUE
A) Procainamide is m etabolized more slowly than procaine

B) Sulphonyureas are oral anticoagulant

C) An immediate IV injection salbutamol is used to treat acute systemic anaphylaxis

D) Ketamine is used in the treatment of migraine

المجموعة السابعة جزء 8

i71- Which of the following can be used in the treatment of diabetes insipidus
A) Metformin
B) Glucagon
C) Vasopressin
D) Insulin

i72- Mannitol may be useful in all the following treatments EXCEPT
A) Treatment of pulmonary oedema with congestive heart failure
B) Diagnostic evaluation of acute oligourea
C) Treatment of elevated intraoccula pressure
D) Prophylaxis of acute renal failure

i73- Omeprazole should only be used on pres cription because
A) It is expensive
B) It has many drug interactions
C) It can mask the symptoms ofgastric cancer
D) It can cause hepatitis

i74- Histamine induced broncho-constriction is due to the activation of
A) H1 receptors
B) H2 receptors
C) H3 receptors
D) Allof the above

75- Which of the following medicine is available as an OTC medicine in the treatment of nausea and vomiting

A) Dimenhydrinate
B) Prochlorperazine
C) Meclozine
D) Chlorpromazine

i76- In Addison’s disease the proper replacement therapy should be
A) Glucocorticoid plus mineralocorticoid
B) Mineralocorticoid therapy alone
C) Glucocorticoid therapy alone
D) Tetracosactrin ( analogue of ACTH)

i77- Streptomycini is an antibiotic indicated for the treatment of
A) Gram-negative bacterial septiceamia
B) Tuberculosis
C) Pencillin-resistant gonococcal infection
D) Syphillis

i78- In the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), inhaled corticosteroids
A) Are more effective in the treatment of asthma
B) Are more beneficial when used alone
C) Produce more side effects than when used in the oral form
D) Should be used for at least 2 weeks before efficacy is assessed

i79- The primary goals of asthma therapy include all the following EXCEPT
A) Treatment of secondary complications
B) Management of acute attacks
C) Chronic symptom management
D) Prevention of lung tissue destruction

i80- In the emergency room,the preferred first line therapy for asthma is
A) Theophyline
B) Beta- agonists
C) Corticosteroid

D) Antihistamine
المجموعة السابعة جزء 9

i81- Ceftriaxone can be used in
A) Gonorrhoea

B) Typhoid fever

C) Meningococcal meningitis

D) All of the above

i82- Which statement would most accurately describe the antibacterial of tetracycline antibiotics
A) They are bacteriostatic

B) They inhibit protein synthesis by binding to the 30s ribosomal unit

C) They inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis

D) All of the above

i83) Which of the following corticosteroids has the highest mineralocorticoid activity
A) Cortisone acetate

B) Hydrocortisone

C) Fludrocortisone

D) Betamethasone

i84- The recommended maintenance dose of Ranitidine for peptic ulcer is
A) 150 mg at night

B) 300 mg at night

C) 150 mg twice daily

D) 300 mg twice daily

i85- Which of the following is NOT an indication for desmopressin
A) Diabetees insipidus
B) Primary nocturnal eneuresis

C) Renal function testing

D) Prostate atrophy

i86- A hypertensive patient should be encouraged to
A) Reduce the amount of salt in their diet

B) Increase the amount of salt in their diet

C) Drink more water if they eat a salty meal

D) Reduce their fluid intake

i87- Which of the following is NOT true of methadone
A) Can be given orally or parenterally

B) It is a narcotic antagonist

C) It is an addictive drug

D) It has significant analgesic activity

i88- Select the drug of choice foe the treatment of an otitis externa caused by staphylococcus

A) Aluminium acetate

B) Neomycin

C) Chloramphenicol
D) Flucloxacillin

i89- Caffeine toxicity may include all of the following symptoms EXCEPT
A) Cough
B) Anxiety

C) Reslessness
D) Muscle twitching

i90- A bacteriostatic agent has which of the following effects on bacteria
A) It kills bacteria on contact
B) It dehydrates bacteria

C) It inhibits multiplication of bacteria

D) All of the above

المجموعة السابعة جزء 10

i91- A patient in diabetic coma
A) May have the adour of acetone on their breath
B) Usually recovers without treatment

C) May tremor excessively

D) None of the above

i92- All of the following drugs may be used for the therapy of hypertensive emergency crisis EXCEPT
A) Furosemide

B) Diazoxide

C) Nifedipine

D) propanolol

i93- ACE inhibitors are associated with a high incidence of which of the following adverse reactions
A) Hepatitis

B) Hypokaleamia

C) Agranulocytosis
D) Cough

i94- Barbiturates containing a sulphur atom are usually
A) Short acting

B) Ultrashort acting

C) Iong acting

D) Medium acting

i95-Adecrease in HDL/LDL ratio indicates
A) Increased triacyl glycerol

B) Increased mobilization of fat

C) Low risk for artherosclerosis

D) Increased esterification of cholesterol

i95- Diverticulosis is associated with
A) Stomach

B) Small intestine

C) liver
D) Colon

i96- Dyspnoea means
A) Painful muscle spasm

B) Pain in the heart

C) difficulty in breathing

D) none of the above

i97- Esters are formed by the reaction between
A) Acids and bases

B) Acids and alcohols

C) Acids and aldehydes

D) Acids and ketones

i98- For how long should the patient wait after stopping MAO inhibitor’s before he starts on Tricyclic antidepressants
A) 1 months

B) 2 months

C) 2 weeks

D) 3 days

i99- Glipizide is used to true
A) Peptic ulcer

B) Diabetes

C) Colitis

D) Infections

i100- In running person Which of the following occurs
A) Hyperventilation

B) Tachycardia
C) Increased BP

D) Increased stroke volume

E) All of the above

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