Personal selling and selling skills (Session 2)

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Session 2

Simply what is marketing?

Satisfying customers needs profitability  (Kotler)

What is selling?

Selling is the personal or impersonal process of assisting and/or persuading a prospective customer to buy a commodity or a service or to act favorably upon an idea that has commercial significance to the seller “

(The American Marketing Association)

What is personal selling?

Personal selling is a person-to-person business activity in which a salesperson uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer. The objective is to build a relationship that provides long-term benefits to Both parties.

Selling provides mutual benefits (Win – Win situation )


Advantages of a sales job:

Challenge – Responsibility – Flexibility in work activities – Rewards from making a tough sale – Learning the business from the bottom up – Opportunity for senior management positions

Disadvantages of a sales job:

Limited supervision – Potential conflict between customer and company demands – Depression from lost sales – Discomfort from asking customers to buy – Negative stereotype

What is Human Need?

A state of felt Deprivation of some basic satisfaction Which needs to be eliminated. [ Hungry, unprotected, Unsafely, lonely, ……etc]

Or: a problem which needs to be solved

What are Wants?

Desire for specific satisfiers of these deeper needs [ Food, Clothing, Shelter, Safety, Belonging, ……etc]

“Marketers do Not create needs but, along with other influencers in the society, influence wants”

What are Demands?

Wants for specific products that are packed by an ability& willingness to buy them.

Wants become demands when supported by purchasing power (money)


We must know that To buy means To satisfy a need .We have 6 buying motives which are of equal importance .Normally the buyer has a whole cluster of motives, yet in the final analysis basically ONE is decisive.

To Discover the need or to know the buying motive you must ASK Question . You must tailor your product benefit with these needs.

6 buying motives are:

1-Making a gain

Physician prescribes a drug with rapid onset of action and quick symptomatic relief

good reputation , more patients

2 – Avoiding a Loss

Pharmacist keeps stock of fast moving items only.

3 – Having Pleasure, Enjoyment

Physician prescribes drug with simple dosage schedule (e.g. easy to explain/fixed combination, SR form)

4 – Avoiding Pain, Worries, Problems

Pharmacist may not stock narcotics.

5- Boosting Pride, Self-Satisfaction

Physician prescribes the drug he believes to be effective regardless of the price.

6- Gaining Social Approval, Prestige

GP prescribes the preparation recommended by opinion leaders.


  • Remember

Behind every sales there is a buying motive

Sell the way your customer wants to buy not the way you want to sell


What makes professional medical rep?

Three important characters:   Attitude – Knowledge – Skills

We discuss each one in details:


No one pattern or mould. One quality is vital , two or three are desirable, and several more can be helpful. The most important qualities are:

1- Enthusiasm

Real enthusiasm is contagious. Those who are able to infect others with their enthusiasm will be undoubtedly successful. Unfortunately enthusiasm is not a quality Which can be learned or easily adopted.

1-      Medical rep must be enthusiastic about his company, its products .this helps him to sell, other skills will help him to sell more

2-      Medical rep must be enthusiastic about his sales career , See rep job as a start to mangerial ladder (career path).

3-      If he is not enthusiastic , no amount of product knowledge or selling skills will raise his results above average

Question : IS Enthusiasm  born or made?

2- Sincerity

Is the quality that allows medical rep to be regarded as trusted advisor. Sincere

1-       Medical rep knows what the best is for their doctors & also best for them in the long term.

2-      Medical rep sincere to him self. To his company (Avoid false visits )

Question : What is the impact of false visits in your sales career?

3- Determination

When potential doctors reject a product some medical reps. (often those with most product enthusiasm )  take it as a personal rejection.

1-      The frequent rejection which is part of the  medical rep.’s work

2-      This can can sap energy andenthusiasm and requires considerable determination and resilience to withstand.

3-      Remember EI (emotional intelligence) Concept.

4-      If your doctor doesn’t prescribe remember that you may  :

– Choose the wrong one.

– Your product doesn’t match with his need , or you may not discover this need yet .

There are many other characters like:

–          Energetic

–          Intelligent (can deal with diffcult situation).

–          Sense of humor (But don’t play the role of the clown )

–          A good listener

–          Pleasant voice

–          Smart appearance(Neat-  Clean – Neutral  – First impression is the last impression )

–          Has the willingness to grow

–          Self-motivated

–          Patient

–          Dynamic – Active

–          Creative (looking for new ways to do things )

–          Building rapport with the customers

–          Excellent Time Management (Punctual, always on time)

–          Reach agreement – Avoids confrontations

–          Cooperative with his colleagues (A good member of a team)

–          Smily face (Able to remove the barriers)


Question :

How to make good impression with your customer ?

Think in : The way you look ,act and speak .


See you next week in the second session
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