Medical writing by “AUC partnership in alex”

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About our training center

Welcome to I-learn professional training center “the official partnership

of AUC in Alexandria”….


At I.Learn, we know how life may bring challenges and difficulties your way, at work, at home, with partners…etc. Finding the right approach to succeed, stand out, yet keep your social skills is a difficult matter. Finding the right place to answer your questions, train and guide you may be a difficult task. 

Difficult as it may be, we, at I.Learn Training Center in collaboration with the Management Center (MC) at the American University in Cairo (AUC), have taken it upon ourselves to offer unparalleled training programs in medicine, human development, and capacity building. Our courses guarantee moulding and preparing you for the working world. Using only the latest and smartest approaches in the teaching industry, I.Learn promises you a place in the working field.

Diplomas and courses on administrative matters, human development, and capacity building were conjointly set with the aid of the MC at AUC, I. Learn’s main partner. These programs were meticulously designed to address all market requirements, personal, and interpersonal needs. I.Learn’s main goal is to help all applicants achieve their utmost goals and higher standards in life.

For more information about our latest courses and offered service ; don’t hesitate to contact us at:

phone:03 5413634 , 0111237197



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