Pharmaceutical Sales Professional Certificate (PSPC)

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EZMO International Training & Consulting

Pharmaceutical Sales Professional Certificate (PSPC)


The certificate covers the main five ( 5 ) necessary skillsets for medical representatives to be competent and professional (Effective Communication, Assertiveness & Self-Confidence, Pharmaceutical Selling Skills, Hospital Selling Skills and Adaptive Selling).

Each skillset is usually taught as a stand alone training course. However, PSPC combines all of them in one full program ( 5 X 1 ) to cover the pharmaceutical sales profession from its different aspects. This comprehensive approach helps medical representatives master how to utilize, link and apply these different skills together for their superior sales performance.

And, that’s what makes PSPC a:


While PSPC is essential and of crucial importance for fresh graduates to start their career in the field of medical promotion based on a solid ground, it is highly beneficial for experienced representatives who look for sharpening their skills to take their career up to the next levels faster.

Certificate Outlines :

Introduction : Competent Medical Representatives ; Skills and Characteristics

Module ( 1 ) : Effective Communication for Persuasion and Selling

Module ( 2 ) : Getting Ready to Sell by Building Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

Module ( 3 ) : Marketing Essentials for Medical Representatives

Module ( 4 ) : Pharmaceutical Selling Skills; Different Steps of the Selling Process

Module ( 5 ) : Hospital Selling Skills ; Account Management

Module ( 6 ) : Physicians’ Styles at Work ; Personality Social Styles

Module ( 7 ) : Adaptive Selling ; Medical Representatives’ Versatility / Adaptability

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