نموذج 7 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة السادسة جزء 1

i1- The highest concentration of benzoyl peroxide for acne to be sold as OTC in the UAE is
A) 2.5%

B) 5.0%



i2- The appropriate PH range for aphthalmic products is
A) 2.0 to 3.0
B) 4.0 to 6.0

C) 6.0 to 8.0

D) 8.0 to 10.0

i3- Which of the following should NOT be administered to a patient being treated for narrow- angle glaucoma
A) Dipivefrine


C) Carbachol

D) Homatropine

i4- All of the following drugs are used to treat patients with open- angle glaucoma EXCEPT
A) Carbachole

B) Atropine

C) Dipivefrine

D) Betaxolol

i5- Methylcellulose and similar agents are in ophthalmic solutions to
A) Increase drop size

B) Reduce drops size

C) Increase ocular contact time

D) Reduce tear formation during instillation of the drops

i6- Which of the following sulfonylureas has the longest half- life
A) Tolbutamide

B) Glibenclamide

C) Tolzamide

D) Chlorpropamide

i7- The insulin preparation which is non- immunogenic
A) Protamine zinc insulin suspension

B) Human insulin

C) Bovine insulin

D) All of the above

i8- Incombined oral contraceptives, oestrogens act to,
A) Inhibit of leuteinising Hormone

B) Inhibit release of Follicle stimulating hormone

C) Inhibit ovulation

D) Cause thickening of cervical mucus

i9- Which of the following substances when present inurine is the most likely positive sign of pregnancy
A) Thyroid stimulating hormone

B) Melatonin

C) Human chrionic gonadotropin

D) Corticotropin

i10- Which of the following is NOT secreted by the pituitary gland
A) Somatotropin
B) Human chorionic gonadotropin
C) Follicle stimulating hormone

D) Corticotropin
المجموعة السادسة جزء 2

i11- Side effects of isotretinoin (Roaccutane) include
A) Dermatological reactions
B) Depresion
C) Teratogenicity
D) All of the above

i12- Lidocain Hcl is NOT administered orally because it is
A) ineffective by this route
B) Too acidic
C) Too acidic by this rout
D) A cause of arrhythmias

i13- Calcitonin is produced in the
A) adrenal cortex
B) Thyroid gland
C) Pancreas
D) Adrenal medulla

i14- Which of the following is the shortest acting Mydriatic
A) Atropine
B) Pilocarpine
C) Tropicamide
D) a, b and c

i15- Tinea infections are caused by
A) Virus
B) Fungus
C) Gram- positive bacterium
D) None of the above

i16- Prolactin inhibiting factor is
A) Dopamine
B) Thyrotropin
C) Somatotropin
D) Corticotropin

i17- Which of the following drugs is NOT associated with increased prolactin secretion
A) Chlorpromazine
B) Metocloproamide
C) Bromocryptin
D) Methyldopa

i18- The action of Digoxin is enhanced by a high level of which of the following ion
A) Sodium
B) Calcium
C) Magnessium
D) Potassium

i19- Which of the following is the first diagnostic symptom of digoxin overdose
A) Anorexia, nausea, vomiting
B) Constipation
C) High bodytemperature
D) Bronchospasm

i20- Which of the following is a blood platelet adhesion inhibitor
A) Dipyridamole
B) Nitrafuratoin
C) Dextropropoxyphene
D) Imipramine

المجموعة السادسة جزء 3

i21- Nitroglycerin has a relatively low bio- availability because
A) Its chemically unstable
B) Its poorly absorbed
C) It has a first pass m etabolism
D) a,b and c

i22- Sucralfate is used to treat
A) Peptic ulcers
B) Carcinoma
C) Calcium depletion
D) Obesity

i23- Methyldopa is used as a /an
A) Antiparkinsonism
B) Sedative
C) Antihypertensive
D) Prolactin inhibitor

i24- Pentoxifylline acts primarily by
A) Dissolving cholesterol
B) Decreasing viscosity of theblood
C) Oxidative mechanisms
D) Preventing formation of cholesterol

i25- Which of the following is most useful in treating hypertensive crisis
A) Chlorthiazide
B) Spironolactone
C) Sodium Nitroprusside
D) Adenosine

i26- A triple therapy for erapy for eradication of H. pylori contains
A) Amoxycillin, Omeprazole, Clarithromycin
B) Tetracycline, Amoxycillin, Clarithromycin
C) Vancomycin, Amoxycillin, Metronidazole
D) Pencillin, Clarithromycin, Metronidazole

i27- Lidocaine is used as
A) General anaesthesia
B) Antipruritic
C) Antiarrythmic
D) Preanaesthetic

i28- The principal toxic effect of
A) Bronchospasm
B) Chillis
C) Hair loss
D) Haemorrhage

i29- Which of the following is NOT true about Misoprostol
A) It’s a prostaglandin analogue
B) It is used to prevent NSAID’S induced peptic ulcer
C) It may be used in pregnant women
D) It causes diarrhea

i30- Which of the following is a lipid lowering drug
A) Aprotinin
B) Tranexamic acid
C) Lansoprazole

D) Acipimox
المجموعة السادسة جزء 4

i31- Simethicone is a\an
A) Antacid

B) Antiflatulent
C) Constipating agent
D) Laxative

i32- Which of the following side effects will be caused by antacids containing sodium bicarbonate
A) Belching

B) Constipation

C) Diarrhoea

D) Blurred vision

i33-Which of the following is a dopamine antagonist
A) Grannisteron

B) Domperidone

C) Cisapride

D) Loperamide

i34- Which of the following drugs is a systemic amoebicide
A) Diloxamide furoate

B) Pyrimethamine

C) Emetin

D) Sodium stibogluconate

i35- Which of the following drugs may cause discolouration of nail beds and mucous membranes
A) Tetracycline

B) Chloroquine

C) Doxycycline

D) Rifampicin

i36- Which of the following drugs is the choice for the treatment of all forms of Schistosomiasis
A) Praziquantel

B) Mebendazole

C) Niclosamide

D) Thiabendazole

i37- Which of the following drugs can be used for the treatment of influenza A infection
A) Zidovudine(AZT)

B) Amantadine

C) Ribavirin

D) Vidarabine

i38- Which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of leishmaniasis
A) Pyrimethamine

B) Diloxamide furoate

C) sodium stibogluconate

D) Emetin

i39- In Which of the following infections ciprofloxacillin is least effective
A) UTI due to a beta- lactamase producing strain of klebsiella

B) Pneumonia due to to streptococcus pneumonia

C) UTI infection due to E. coli

D) UTI due to pseudomonas aeruginosa

i40- Which one of the following statements about Tetracyclines is not correct
A) It is useful for treatment of resistant strains

B) It is contraindicated in pregnancy

C) It is effective infection caused by Chlamydia
D) It can lead to discolouration of teeth if given to cgildren
المجموعة السادسة جزء 5
i41- Which one of the following is both pencillinase resistant and effective by oral administration
A) Pencillin V
B) Methicillin
C) Amoxicillin+ Clavulanic acid
D) Carbimazole

i42- Which of the following drugs is used topically for burn patients
A) Sulphacetamide
B) Sulphadiazine
C) Sulphasalzine
D) Silver sulphadiazine

i43-Which one among the following drugs is effective in the treatment if pneumonia caused by pneumocystis carinii
A) Sulphacetamide
B) Sulphasalzine
C) Sulphisoxzole
D) Co- Trimoxazole

i44- Sulphonamides are useful in the treatment of which one of the following
A) Influenza
B) Gonorrhoea
C) Urinary tract infections
D) Meingococcal

i45- In which one of the following clinical situations is the prophylactic use of antibiotics NOT warranted
A) It is useful for the treatment of resistant strains
B) It is contraindicated in pregnancy
C) It is effective in infection caused by Chlamydia
D) Patient with a heart prosthesis having a tooth removal

i46- Which of the following clinical indications will NOT require a combination of antibiotics
A) Treatment of mixed infections
B) Treatment of tuberculosis
C) Treatment of cryptococcal meningitis
D) Treatment of gonnorhoea

i47- Which of the following drug will antagonize methotrexate
A) Thiamine
B) Folic acid
C) Biotin
D) Cyanocobalamin

i48- All of the following aretherapeutic indications of salicylates EXCEPT
A) Rhematoid arthritis
B) Fever in children with varicella
C) Fever in *****s with influenza
D) Spasmodic dysmennorhoea

i49- Famotidine is classified as
A) Anti depressant
B) H1 receptor antagonist
C) H2 receptor antagonist
D) Beta 2 agonist

i50- Match the drug characteristics (1-4).Each answer may be used more than once
A) Auranofin
B) Pencillamine
D) Corticosteroids

1- Platelet function effect
2- Oral form of gold
3- Given on an empty stomach
4- May be given intra- aricularly

المجموعة السادسة جزء 6

i51- For each side effct(1-4), list the most likely cause (A-D) .Each answer may be used more than once
A) Sodium bicarbonate
B)Aluminium hydroxide
C) Amitryptiline
D) Magnessium hydroxide

i1- May cause diarrhea
i2- Should not be used by patients of heart failure
i3- May cause dry mouth
i4- Can be incorporated with an antacid mixture to control diarhoea

i52- Pyridoxine requirements may increase during administration of all of the following EXCEPT
A) Isoniazid
B) Cycloserine
C) Oral contraceptives
D) Levodopa

i53- The process of rubbing or grinding a substance in a mortar is called
A) Trituration
B) Spactulation
C) Levigation
D) Coating

i54- Which of the following is a natural emulsifuing agent
A) Acacia
B) Lactose
C) Polysorbate 20
D) Polysorbate 80

i55- All of the following preparations contain alcohol EXCEPT
A) Syrup simplex B.P
B) Aromatic ammonia spirit USP
C) Acetic acid N.F
D) Belladone tincture B.P

i56- the RDA (Recommended daily allowance) of elemental iron for an ***** man is
A) 1-5mg
B) 10-18mg
C) 50-100mg
D) 150-200mg

i57- A contraindication to the antimigraine drug sumatriptan is
B) Hirsuitism
C) Gingival hyperplasia
D) a, b and c

i59- Paracetamol
A) Is not recommended for post- immunization in 2-3 month old infants
B) Has an anti- inflammatory activity similar to aspirin
C) Is an effective analgesic in severe renal colic
D) May cause severe liver toxicity if taken in overdose

i60- An inorganic molecule used in the treatment of mania is
A) Aluminium hydroxide
B)Cromolyn sodium
C) Lithium bicarbonateD) Magnesium oxide

المجموعة السادسة جزء 7

i61- Which of the following is the drug of choice for an acute febrile convulsion
A) Carbamazepine
B) Clonazepam
C) Diazepam
D) Phenytion

i62- Which of the following is a tricyclic anti-depressant
A) Clomipramine (Anafranil)i
B) Fluoxetine (Prozac)i
C) Maprotilline (Ludiomil)i
D) Tranylcypromine (Parnate)i

i63- Which of the following components of analgesic tablets commonly causes constipation
A) Aspirin
B) Caffeine
C) Codeine
D) Paracetamol

i64- Which of the following chemical groups dose NOT have antidepressant activity
A) Tricyclics
B) Selective serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
C) Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
D) Phenothiazines

i65- Which of the following is chemically similar to aspirin
A) Diflunisal
B) Etodolac
C) Sulindac
D) Indomethacin

i66- Which of the following drugs has antimuscarinic activity
A) Benzhexol
B) Benztropine
C) Procyclidine
D)Al of the above

i67- Levodopa is
A) The latin name for dopamine
B) The amino acid precursor of dopamine
C) The main m etabolite of dopamine
D) The natural dopamine receptor antagonist

i68- Parkinson’s disease is caused by a deficiency of which neurotransmitter in the substantial nigra
A) Dopamine
B) Noradrenaline
C) Acetylcholine
D) Adrenaline

i69- Which of the following is the amino- acid precussor of dopamine
A) Levodopa
B) Bromocryptine
C) Carbidopa
D) Procyclidine

i70- for a 4 year old child, the maximum daily dose of paracetamol is
A) 240mg
B) 480 mg
C)1 g
D) 2 g

المجموعة السادسة جزء 8

i71- Which of the following is available as an injection
A) Alprazolam
B) Bromazepam
C) Clorazepate
D) Diazepam

i72- Which of the following agents should not be used concurrently with levodopa
A) Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors
B) Diphenhydramine
D) Amantadine

i73- An example of a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist is
A) Bromocryptine (Parlodel)i
B) Cimetidine (Tagamet)i
C) Ondanestron (Zofran)i
D) Fluoxetine (Prozac)i

i74- Which of the folloeing CANNOT be given with a MAOI antidepressant
A) Beta blocking drugs
C) Benzodiazepines
D) Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

i75- Which of the following can lower the convulsion threshold (at therapeutic doses)i
A) Carbamazepine (Tegretol)i
B) Propanolol (Inderal)i
C) Amitryptiline (Tryptizol)i
D) Phenytoin (Epanutin)i

i76- Which anticonvulsant is associated with sedation and tolerance
A) Valproic acid
B) Phenobarbitone
C) Clonazepam
D) Vigabatrin

i77- Benzodiazepines mainly affect which neurotransmitter
A) Gama- amino- butyric-acid
B) Noradrenaline
C) Serotonin
D) Dopamine

i78-Which if the following antiepileptic drugs is also used in the prophylaxis of manic depression
A) Phenytoin
B) Carbamazepine
C) Lamotrigine
D) Phenobarbitone

i79- In the elderly, an antipsychotic drug such as Haloperidol is likely to cause
A) Hyperthermia
B) Hypertension
C) Hypotension
D) Hypoprolactinaemia

i80- Select the drug of choice for preventing the DELAYED emetic symptoms of cancer chemotherapy
A) 5HT 3antagonist
B) Dexamethasone
C) Metoclopramide
D) Prochlorperazine

المجموعة السادسة جزء 9

i81- Which of the following is effective when given once daily for the prevention of epilepsy
A) Carbamazepine (Tegretol)

B) Sodium valproate (Epilim)

C) Phenytoin (Epanutin)

D) Carbamazepine (Tegretol Retard)i

i82- All of the following can be used to treat pesudomembraneous colitis EXCEPT
A) Vancomycin

B) Metronidazole

C) Cholestyramine
D) Clindamycin

i83- The rote of cilastatin in the combination imipenem/cilastatin is
A) To inhibit beta- lactamase enzymes

B) To make a sustained release formula

C) To block the renal m etaboltsm of imipenem

D) To inhibit the liver microsomal enzymes from m etabolizing imipenem

i84- The pharmacist’s advice to a patient who is using ciprofloxacin should be that
A) Do not take it directly after a meal which contains milk and dairy products

B) Do not it at the same time with acids

C) Separate it form calcium and iron supplements at least for2 hours
D) All of the above

i85- Which one of the followingstatements is nutrue about aztreonam A) It is active against both grampositive and gram negative micro- organisms
B) It is a mono bactam

C) Its usual dose is one gram every 8 hours
D) It has low tendancy to causehypersensitivity in pencillin allergic patients

i86-Biphosphonates are used clinically to treat
A) Hypocalceamia

B) Htponatreamia

C) Hypercalceamia related to malignancy

D) Hypokaleamia caused by diuretics

i87- What is the e quivalent anti- inflammatory dose to 5mg of prednisolone
A) 50mg of cortisone acetate

B) 50mg of hydrocortisone

C) 0.75mg of betamethasone

D) 10mg of prednisolone

i88- The following statements are true when we talk about oestrogens except
A) It is responsible for female secondary ***ual charscteristics

B) It causes myometrial atrophy

C) It can be used in post menopausal osteoporosis

D) Long term treatment with oestrogen may increase the risk of endometrial cancer

i89- Which one of the following hormones is secreted by the hypothalamus
A) Gonadorelin

B) Corticotropin


D) Genotropin

i90- Which one of the following is the most commonly reported side effect of antipsychotics in the elderly ?
A) Agranulocytosis
B) Arrhythmia
D) Excessive urination
المجموعة السادسة جزء 10

i91- All the following are considered to be beta – lactam type antibiotics,EXCEPT
A) Ceftriaxone
B) Pieracillin
C) Ofloxacillin
D) Imipenem

i92- Which one of the following organs is involved in calcium- balance and homeostasis
A) Pancreas
B) Hypothalamus
C) Parotid glands
D) Parathyroid

i93- The most common side effect of a NSAID is
B) Naproxen
C) Skin rash
D) Diarrhoea

i94- Which one of the following is usually given once a day
A) Piroxicam
B) Naproxen
C) Diflunisal
D) Ibuprofen

i95- Which one of the following can be given safely to a patient receiving an MAOI
A) Cromoglicate nasal drops
B) Ephedrine nasal drops
C) Oxym etazoline nasal drops
D) Xylom etazoline nasal drops

i96- Which one of the nasal sprays is usually used ONCE daily
A) Beclomatasone (Becotide)i
B) Dexa methasine ( Dexa rhinaspray)i
C) Fluticasone (Flixonase)i
D) Cromoglycate (Rynacrom)i

i97- Which is the most potent ear \ nose drops
A) Betamethasone (Betnesol)i
B) Dexamethasone (Sofradex)i
C) Hydrocortisone (Otosporin)i
D) Prednisolone (Predsol)i

i98- Which one of the following should be avoided during treatment with warfarin
A) Amoxicillin
B) Glibenclamide
C) Indomethacin
D) VitaminD

i99- Which one of the following can be used to treat acute go
A) Diclofenac
B) Ibuprofen
C) Indomethacin
D) All of the above

i100- Which one of the following is most closely related to aspirin
A) Acetaminophhen
B) Diclofenac
C) Diflunisal
D) Salazopyrine

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