نموذج 3 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة الثانية جزء 1

i1- Which of the following is not a major pathway or type of biotransformations ?i
a- Oxidation
b- Deamination
c- Reduction
d- Hydrolysis
e- Conjugation
i2- Which of the following is not a naturally occurring emulsifier?i
a- Acacia
b- Cholesterol
c- Gelatine
d- Veegum
e- Tragacanth
i3- Which of the following symptoms is not present in digitalis intoxication?i
a- AV block
b- Ventricular tachycardia
c- Vomiting
d- Vagal arrest of the heart
e- Visual disturbances
i4- Which of the following statements about propylthiouracil is false ?i
a- It is used for treatment of hyperthyroidism
b- It inhibits the synthesis of thyroid hormones
c- It diminishes peripheral deiodination of T4 and T3
d- It inhibits iodide oxidation
e- It interferes with the effectiveness of exogenously administered thyroid hormones
i5- All of the following are diuretics except :i
a- Aminophylline
b- Glyburide
c- Spironolactone
d- Bum etamide
e- Chlorthalidone
i6- Which of the following is not a side effect of codeine?i
a- Miosis
b- Nausea
c- Diarrhea
d- Respiratory depression
e- Addiction
i7- All of the following are natural estrogens or congeners except :i
a- Estradiol
b- Diethylstilbestrol
c- Estrone
d- Ethinyl estradiol
e- Estropipate
i8- Epinephrine is not given orally because :i
a- It is inactivated in the gastric mucosa
b- Local vasoconstriction inhibits absorption
c- It is raoidly inactivated in circulation
d- None of the above
e- All of the above
i9- Wich of the following cardiac glycosides does not occur naturally ?i
a- Dogoxin
b- Oubain
c- Digitoxin
d- Amrinone
e- Nitroglycerin
i10- Various opiates may be used as all of the following except :i
a- Analgesics
b- Anti-inflammatories
c- Antidiarreals
d- Aids to anesthesia
e- Antitussive
المجموعة الثانية جزء 2

i11- Which of the following is not a stimulant laxative ?i
a- Cascara Sagrada

b- Senna

c- Caster oil

d- Bisacodyl

e- Docsate

Which of the following action is not seen with sympathomimetics ?
a- Pupil constriction
b- Increased heart rate
c- Sweat gland stimulation
d- Bronchiole dilation
e- Systemic blood vessel constriction

i13- All of the following statements about propranolol are true except :i
a- The oral route of administration is preferred
b- Propranolol penetratesin to the CNS
c- Propranolol is primarily biotransformed in the liver
d- Propranolol causes rashes and sore throut
e- It is non selective alpha antagonist
i14- Which of the following drugs is not a proton pump inhibitor ?i
a- Pantoprazole
b- Rabeprazole
c- Lansoprazole
d- Sulfisoxazole
e- Omeprazole
i15- All of the following are side effects of progestins except :i
a- Weight gain
b- Headache
c- Fatigue
d- Constipation
e- Nausea and vomiting
i16-Bacitarcin is not usually given parenterally because of its :i
a- Insolubility
b- Lack of stability
c- Pain at the injection site
d- Lack of potency
e- Nephrotoxicity
i17- Which of the following drugs should not be administered with high fat meals ?i
i|. Indinazir
i||. Riluzole
i|||. Stavudine
a- | only
b- ||| only
c- | and || only
d- || and ||| only
e- | , || and |||i
i18- Each of the following exert antimicrobial action by inhibiting cell wall synthesis except :i
a- Cephalosporins
b- Penicillin
c- Bacitracin
d- Vancomycin
e- Novobiocin
i19- Which of the following antibiotics or group of antibiotics does not act by inhibiting of cell membrane function ?i
a- Erythromycin
b- Amphotericin B
c- Colistin
d- Nystatin
e- Polymyxins
i20-Which of the following diuretics do not cause potassium loss ?i
a- Furosemide
b- Chlorthalidone
c- Triamterene
d- Hydrochlorothiazide
e- Metolazole
المجموعة الثانية جزء 3

i21- Which is not essential amino acid ?i
a- Threonine
b- Tryptophane
c- Glutamone
d- Methionine
i22- Hypercalcemia does not occur in normal individuals because :i
a- Calcium is rapidly excreted
b- Calcium is rapidly biotransformed
c- Calcium is insoluble
d- Excess calcium is not absorbed
i23- All of the following are true of haemolytic jaundice except :i
a- There is increased production of Bilirubin
b- Urobilinogin concentration is increased in urine
c- Production of Urobilinogin is increased
d- Bilirubin is found in the urine of the patient
e- None of the above because all are true
i24- Which of the following beta-adrenergic agents is not short acting ?i
a- Pirbuterol
b- Salmetrol
c- Terbutaline
d- Albuterol
e- None of the above
i25- Possible treatment of Hypoglycemia does not include :i
a- Insulin
b- Candy
c- Glucose
d- Fruit juce
e- Glucagon
i26- Which of the following Antihypertensive agents has no adverse effect on Glucose tolerance?i
ia. 1 only
ib. 3 only
ic. 1 and 2i
id. 2 and 3i
ie. 1 , 2 and 3 i
i27- Signs and symptoms of acute Otitis media do not include :i
a- Fever
b- Irritability
c- Stuff neck
d- Lethargy
e- The child may be as asymptomatic
i28- Alternative Antibiotics for Otitis media for the child allergic to Penicillin include all of the following except :i
a- Clindamycin
b- Erythromycin
c- Erythromycin – Sulfisoxazole
d- Ciprofloxacin
e- Trimethoprin – Sulfamethoxazole
i29- It is important that the patient recognizes all the following signs as possible Lithium side effects except :i
a- Hand tremors
b- Headaches
c- Mudcle weakness
d- Constipation
e- Polyuria
i30- Which of the following is not useful in the treatment of acute Digoxin toxicity ?i
i1- calcium administration
i2- lidocaine administration
i3- fab fragment antibodies
ia. 1 only
ib. 3only
ic. 1 and 2 only
id. 2 and 3 only
ie. 1 , 2 and 3
المجموعة الثانية جزء 4

i31- Some common patient complaints associated with Anticholinergic drugs include all of the following except :i
a- Urinary retention
b- Sgortness of breath
c- Blurred vision
d- Constipation
e- Dry mouth
i32- Which of the following iron preparations is not available oral dosage form ?i
a- Iron drxtran
b- Ferrous fumarate
c- Ferrous gluconate
d- Ferrous sulphate
e- Polysaccharide – Iron complex

i33- In which of the following conditions is iron supplementation indicated ?i
i1 Primary hemochromatosis
i2 Patient receiving multiple blood transfusions
i3 Pregnancy
a- 1 only
b- 3 Only
c- 1 and 2 only
d- 1, 2 and 3
i34- Some symptoms of iron deficiency include all of the following except :i
a- Fatigue
b- Constant thirst
c- Dystrophy of nails
d- Dysphagia
e- Dispnea on exertion
i35- Which of the following agents would not be indicated for a patient with angina ?i
a- Isosorbide
b- Flecainide
c- Nifedipine
d- Inderal
e- Diltiazem
i36- All of the following may be symptoms of a myocardial infarction except :i
a- Myalgia, Mydriasis and Nocturia
b- Agitated behavior and ahen pallor
c- Nausea, sweating and dyspnea
d- Heartburn, fainting and skipped beats
e- Dental and neck pain, no relief from Nitroglycerin
i37- All of the following are true about morphine except :i
a- May cause diarhoea
b- A m etabolite of codeine
c- Has specific receptors in the GIT
d- May cause vomiting
i38- Which one of the following drugs is not available as antipsychotic depot injection ?i
a- Flupenthixol
b- Fluphenazine
c- Chlorpromazine HCL
d- Haloperidol Decanoate
i39- Which one of the following statements about chloral hydrate is false ?i
a- May cause gastritis
b- Can cause tolerance
c- It is a respiratory stimulant
d- Toxicity is much increased by administration of Ethanol
i40– Which one of the following statements about narcotic analgesics is false ?i
a- Codeine is useful for its anti tussive properties
b- Pentazocine is more addictive than morphine
c- Pentazocine may cause hallucinations
d- Morphine can cause diarhoea
المجموعة الثانية جزء 5

i41- Which of the following should not be used to prevent migraine in an asthmatic patient ?i
a- Propranolol (Inderal)i
b- Pizotifen (Sanomigran)i
c- Amitryptyline (Tryptizol)i
d- Clonidine (Dixarit)i
i42- Which of the following is not a benzodiazepine ?i
a- Alprazolam
b- Clobazem
c- Chlormethiazole
d- Chlordiazepoxide
i43- Which of the following is true about Benzodiazepines ?i
a- Patients can develop a psychological dependence
b- Patients can develop a withdrawal syndrome
c- Patients can develop tolerance to the drug
d- All of the above
i44- Dopamine tablets cannot be used to treat Parkinson’s disease because it :i
a- Does not cross blood brain barrier
b- Is too toxic after long term administration
c- Is transformed to L-dopa by the autonomic neurons
d- Is not m etabolized by mono amine oxidase
i45- Which of the following drugs cause insomnia ?i
a- MAOI’s
b- Caffeine
c- Beta blockers
d- Barbiturates
e- a, b and c
i46- Which of the following is not effective for partial seizures ?i
a- Phenytoin
b- Ethosuximide
c- Carbamazepine
d- Lamotrigine
i47- Amitryptyline causes all of the following except :i
a- Hypotension in the elderly
b- Raising of the seizure threshold
c- Sedation
d- Constipation
i48- All of the following are clinical applications of desmopressin except :i
a- Diabetes Insipidus
b- Nocturnal eneuresis
c- Urinary retention
d- Post operative poly urea
i49- All of the following have very limited crossing through inflamed meninges except :i
a- Clavulanic acid salts
b- Penicillin
c- Teicoplanin
d- Erythromycin
i50- All of the following are mainly Bacteriostatics except :i
a- Chloramphenicol
b- Sulphadiazine
c- Ampicillin
d- Tetracycline
المجموعة الثانيةجزء 6

i51- The following antibiotics are used for treatment of acne in many patients except :i
a- Erythromycin
b- Neomycin
c- Clindamycin
d- Tetracycline
i52- The following can be used as topical and systemic Antibacterial preparations except :i
a- Fucidic acid
b- Mupirocin
c- Tetracycline hcl
d- Gentamycin
i53- Which one of the following is not an indication for potent, topical corticosteroids ?i
a- Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
b- Psoriasis
c- Lichen simplex chronicus
d- Hypertrophic lichen planus
i54- All of the following statements of Acyclovir are true except :i
a- It is a nucleoside antiviral drug
b- It is converted to triphosphate and subsequently inhibits synthesis of viral DNA
c- It is analogue of purine —-bolites
d- It is available topically and orally
i55- Stability of pharmaceutical products is affected by the following factors except :i
a- Temperature and humidity
b- Composition of drug product
c- Dosage form and packing material
d- Dose strength and pack size
i56- Aqueous film coating has the following properties except :i
a- Hygroscopic in nature
b- Gastric fluid resistant
c- Water soluble coating
d- Less costly to manufacture
i57- The treatment of choice for Kaposi’s sarcoma is which one of the following ?i
a- Bleomycin
b- Dactinomycin
c- Doxorubicin
d- Mitomycin
i58- All of the following drugs are Neuroleptics with the exception of one which is :i
a- Butyrophenones
b- Trifluoperazine
c- Diphenylbutyl piperidines
d- Benzhexol
i59- The following characteristics and uses apply to interferon alpha except for one :i
a- It is a protein
b- It is obtained from lymphoblastoid source
c- It is an injectable preparation
d- It is a hormone
i60- Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitor’s include the following except :i
a- Tranylcypromine
b- Phenalazine
c- Thioridazine
d- Moclobemide
المجموعة الثانية جزء 7

i61- Prostate cancer is treated by the following except for one :i
a-cyproterone acetate
i62- m etabolism of ethyl Alcohol involves all the following pathways except :i
a- Oxidation
b- Conversion to acetaldehyde and acetate
c- Excreted unchanged through the lungs and kidneys
d- Sulphate conjugation
i63- The following statements apply to Azathioprine except for one :i
a- It is immunosuppressant
b- It is m etabolized in the body to active 6 Mercaptopurine
c- It is classified as antim etabolite
d- It is used to treat body rejection after organ surgical transplant
i64- Which of the following is not cytotic ?i
a- Alkylating drugs
b- Cytotoxic antibiotics
c- Corticosteroids
d- Vinca alkaloids
i65- Which of the following is not used as Antimanic drug ?i
a- MAOI’s
b- Carbamazepine
c- Benzodiazepine
d- Lithium carbonate
i66- Which of the following statements about Naloxone is false ?i
a- It is a pure antagonist to Morphine
b- It cause Euphoria
c- It is used in the treatment of Opiate overdose
d- It causes a withdrawal syndrome when given to an opiate dependent subject
i67- Which of the following drugs is not a Tricyclic Antidepressant?i
a- Trimipramine
b- Maprotiline
c- Nortryptiline
d- Imipramine HCL
i68- Captopril and Enalapril do all the following except :i
a- Increase rennin concentration in blood
b- Inhibit an enzyme
c- Competively blocks Angiotensin || at it’s receptors
d- Raises the blood Potassium concentration
i69- Wich of the following drugs is not used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease ?i
a- Benzhexol
b- Amantadine
c- Chlorpromazine
d- Carbidopa
i70- Which of the following drugs is not classified as Antipsychotic drug ?i
a- Chlorpromazine
b- Pimozide
c- Risperidone
d- Buspirone
المجموعة الثانيةجزء 8

i71- Which of the following statements is false about Amphetamine ?i
a- Decrease restlessness
b- Induces hypersensitivity in children
c- Decrease appetite
d- It is a controlled drug
i72- Which of the following statements is false about Diamorphine i(Heroin)i?i
a- Causes nausea and vomiting
b- A respiratory depressant
c- Has potent Atropine like properties
d- Converted in the body to Atropine

i73- A package insert lists a drug dose for a neonate as being 10- microgram/kg/day. The age range for a neonate is considered to be
a- Birth to 1 month
b- 1 month to 6 months
c- Birth to 1 week
d- 1 year through 5 years

i74- The child’s dose of a drug is reported as 1.2 mg/kg/ body weigh. What is the appropriate does for a child weighing 60 lb ?i
a- 6 mg
b- 9 mg
c- 32 mg
d- 72 mg
e- 126 mg

i75- The infusion of Theophyline established for a neonate is
i0.08mg/kg/hr. how many ml of drug are needed for one daily bottle if the body weigh is 16 lb?i
a- 0.58mg
b- 14mg
c- 30mg
d- 150mg
e- 8mg

i76- Blood Pressure measurements were made for 1 week on fivepatients with the following averages

Patient 1 2 3 4 5

B.P 140/70 160/84 180/88 190/90 150/70

What is the median systole pressure ?i
a- 80
b- 83
c- 84
d- 160
e- 164

i77- The concentration of Sodium Fluoride in a community’s drinking water is 0.6ppm.express this concentration as a percentage
a- 0.00006%
b- 0.0006%
c- 0.006%
d- 0.06%
e- 0.6%

i78- Lanoxin pediatric elixir contains 0.05mg of Digoxin per ml. how many micrograms are there in 3 ml of the elixir ?i
a- 0.15micrograms
b- 0.015micrograms
c- 1.5micrograms
d- None of the above

i79- A pharmacist add 1 pint of Alcohol USP to 1 L of a mouthwash formula. What is the new percentage of alcohol present if original mouthwash was labeled as 12% V/V ?i
a- 30%
b- 38%
c- 45%
d- 57%
e- 59%

i80- A prescription calls for the dispensing of 4% Pilocar solution with the direction of “ Gtt I OU TID” . How many mg of Pilocarpine HCL is being used per day ? Assume that the dropper is calibrated to deliver i20 drops to the ml

a- 4mg
b- 6mg
c- 12mg
d- 24mg
e- 60mg

المجموعة الثانية جزء 9

i81- The ***** intravenous (IV) dose of Zidovudine is 2mg / kg q 4hrs six times a day . How many mg will a 180-lb patient receive daily ?i
b-164 mg
d-980 mg
e-2160 mg
i82- A pharmacist dilutes 100ml of Clorox with 1 quart of water
Express the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite in the final dilution as a W/V ratio. Commercial Clorox contains i5.25% W/V Sodium Hypochlorate
a- 1/9
b- 1/10
c- 1/100
d- 1/180
e- 1/200

Questions 83 and 84 relate to the following hospital formula
for a T-A-C solution
Cocaine HCL 4%
Tetracaine HCL 2%
Epinephrine HCL solution 1/2000
Sodium Chloride injection qs 4ml

i83- How many mg of Cocaine HCL is in the final solution?i
a- 400mg
b- 4mg
c- 20mg
d- 8mg
e- 160mg

i84- How many ml of Adrenaline Chloride solution (0.1%) may be used to prepare the solution?i
a- 0.002ml
b- 0.04ml
c- 1ml
d- 2ml
e- 5ml

i85- An administration set delivers 60 drops to the ml. How many drops per minute are needed to obtain 20 units of Heparin per minute if the IV admixture contains 15,000 units per 250ml of Normal Saline?i
a- 20
b- 40
c- 60
d- 80
e- 120

i86- Dopamine (Inotropin) 200mg in 500ml of Normal Saline at 5 microgram/kg/min is ordered for a 155-lb patient. What is the final concentration of solution in micro/ml ?i
a- 0.4micrograms
b- 2.5micrograms/ml
c- 40micrograms/ml
d- 400micrograms/ml
e- 25microgram/ml

i87- The estimated Creatinine clearance rate for a 120lb patient is i40ml/min. what maintenance dose should be administered if the normal maintenance dose is 2mg/lb of the body weight ?i
a- 60mg
b- 100mg
c- 120mg
d- 160mg
e- 240mg

i88- A pharmacist repackages 10 lb of an ointment in to jars to be labeled 2 oz(with). How many jars can be filled ?i
a- 73
b- 80
c- 83
d- 88
e- 100

i89- How many ml of Glycerin would be needed to prepare 1 lb of an ointment containing i5% W/W Glycerin ? (The density of glycerin is 1.25g/ml)i
a- 1.2ml
b- 18.2ml
c- 22.7ml
d- 24ml
e- 28.4ml

i90- A hospital clinic requests 2 lb of 2% Hydrocortisone ointment. How many grams of 5% Hydrocortisone ointment could be diluted with White Petrolatum to prepare this order?i
a- 18.2g
b- 27.5g
c- 45.4g
d- 363g
e- 545g

المجموعة الثانية جزء 10

i91- How many grams of Glacial Acetic Acid (99.9% W/V) must be added to 1 gal Purified Water to prepare an irrigation solution containing 0.25% W/V Acetic Acid ?i
a- 1.2g
b- 9.5g
c- 12g
d- 20g
e- 95g
i92- What is the decay constant (K) of the Radio-Isotope 32P if its half life is 14.3 days. Assume that Radiopharmaceutical follow first t- order kinetics
a- 0.048/day
b- 0.07/day
c- 0.097/day
d- 0.1/day
e- 0.15/day
i93- A pre——ion calls for 25 m. eq. of Potassium Chloride
How many grams of KCL (MW 74.6) are needed?i
a- 7.46g
b- 0.746g
c- 8.86g
d- 1.86g
e- 0.186g
i94- How many milliliters of a 10% KCL (MW 74.6) solution contain 5.0 mEq of K+ ?i
a- 2.100ml
b- 21.000ml
c- 3.730ml
d- 37.300ml
e- 0.373ml
i95- The dose of a drug is 0.5mg/kg. What dose should be given to a 6 years old child who weigh 44 lb ?i
a- 0.003g
b- 0.033g
c- 0.010g
d- 0.100g
e- 0.050g
i96- If a pre——ion order requires 30 g of concentrated Sulfuric Acid (density is 1.8g/ml) , What volume should the pharmacist measure ?i
i97- Calculate the weight of 25ml of Hydrochloric Acid whose density is 1.18g/ml
a- 29.500g
b- 2.950g
c- 0.295g
d- 295.00g
e- None of the above
i98- Convert 2 pints 3 fluid ounces into ml
a- 1500ml
b- 1050ml
c- 150ml
d- 105ml
e- 10.5ml
i99- Convert 60 grams to grains
a- 9240 grains
b- 924 grains
c- 9.24 grains
d- 0.924 grains
e- 0.0924 grains
i100- The dose of a drug is 0.6mg
How many doses are contained in 96mg of the drug ?i
a- 16
b- 160
c- 360
d- 600
e- None of the above

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