نموذج 4 لامتحان وزاره الصحة الاماراتيه

المجموعة الثالثة جزء1

i1- Seminal vesicles are present between
a- Prostate and anus
b- Prostate and rectum
c- Bladder and rectum
d- Prostate and bladder
i2- Seminal vesicles secrete
a- Prostaglandins
b- Inhibin
c- Acid phosphatase
d- All of the above
i3- Clitoris develops from
a- Genital tubercle
b- Genital ridge
c- Mullerian duct
d- Urogenital sinus
i4- Commonest anatomical site of appendix is
a- Paraceacal
b- Retroceacal
c- Illeal
d- Pelvic
i5- The shortest part of the colon is
a- Ascending colon
b- Transvers colon
c- Descending colon
d- Sigmoid colon
i6- Which of the following factors affect the distribution of a drug?i
a- Lipid solubility
b- Plasma protein binding
c- Polarity
d- Molecular size
e- All of the above

i7- The rate of zero-order reactions
a- Changes constantly
b- Is independent of temperature
c- is independent of concentration
d- Holds only for light catalyzed reaction
e- Holds only for radio active compounds

i8- A source of anticarcinogenic drugs is
a- Belladona
b- Nux vomica
c- Vinca rosea
d- Cascara
e- Digitalis
i9- If a central nervous system (cns) drug is extensively ionized at the ph of blood it will
a- Penetrate the blood – brain barrier slowly
b- penetrate the blood – brain barrier rapidly
c- Not penetrate the blood – brain barrier
d- Be eliminated slowly
e- Not to be distributed to any tissue sites
i10- Most drugs are
a- Strong electrolytes
b- Weak electrolytes
c- Non electrolytes
d- Highly ionic
e- None of the above
المجموعة الثالثة جزء2

i11- The major mechanism of degradation of drugs in the gi is
a- Oxidation
b- Hydrolysis
c- Acetylation
d- Conjugation
e- Reduction
i12- The buffer equation is also known as
a- Young’s equation
b- Charles equation
c- Henderson-hasselbalch equation
d- Strokes’ law
e- None of the above
i13- Radioactive decay follows a
a- Mixed order
b- Fractional order rate
c- Zero order rate
d- First order rate
e- Second order rate
i14- The most common disintergrator in compressed tablets is
a- Dextrose
b- Lactose
c- Starch
d- Potassium bitartrate
e- Powdered sucrose
i15- An antidote for heparin overdose is
a- Protamine sulphate
b- Bal
c- Atropine
d- Cacium salts
e- Dicumarol
i16- Salicylic acid is used primarily as an (a)i
a- Analgesic
b- Antipyretic
c- Cough suppressant
d- Uricosuric agent
e- Keratolytic agent
i17- Which of the following is found in vitamin b12?i
a- Magnesium
b- Nickel
c- Iron
d- Cobalt
e- Manganese
i18- freeze dying is based on
a- pressure filtration
b- sublimation
c- polymerization
d- pasteurization
e- densification
i19-the most prevalent commercial solid dosage forms are
f- Hard capsules
g- Soft gelatin capsules
h- Tablets
i- Bulk powders
j- Divided powders
i20- Ointments are typically used as
i|. Emollients
i||. Protective barriers
i|||. Vehicles for applying drugs
a- |. Only
b- |||. Only
c- | and || only
d- || and ||| only
e- |, || and |||i
المجموعة الثالثة جزء3

i21- A humectant retards
a- Bacterial growth
b- Degradation
c- Surface evaporation
d- Spreadability
e- All of the above
i22- Starch is used in tabletting as a
i|. Binder
i||. Glidant
i|||. Disintegrant
a- ||. Only
b- |||. Only
c- | and || only
d- || and ||| only
e- |, || and |||i
i23- Gums are used in tabletting primarily as
a- Disintegrators
b- Glidants
c- Lubricants
d- Binding agents
e- Both b and c
i24- Vanishing creams are classified as
a- Oleaginous
b- Absorption bases
c- Water-soluble bases
d- O/w bases
e- W/o bases
i25- Syrup nf is
a- Self preserving
b- A supersaturated solution
c- A dilute solution
d- high unstable
e- flavored and preserved
i26- Reaction rate is increased most rapidly by
a- Humidity
b- High temperature
c- Freezing
d- Photolysis
e- Hydrolysis
i27- Gmp regulations are promulgated and revised by
a- Congress
b- State boards of pharmacy
c- The dea
d- The fda
e- The epa
i28- Ferritin is a (an)i
a- Vitamin
b- Micelle
c- Emulsion
d- Amino acid
i29- Vitamin b6 is also known as
a- Thiamine
b- Riboflavin
c- Niacin
d- Pyridoxine
e- Cyanocobalamine
i30- Sunscreen preparations containing p aminobenzoic acid should be
a- Used sparingly
b- Applied 2 hrs before exposure
c- Packaged in air-resistant containers
d- Packaged in light-resistant containers
e- Used only on arrears other than the face
المجموعة الثالثة جزء4

i31- Which of the following statements is (are) true for undecylenic acid?i
i|. It is often used as zinc salt
i||. It may cause irritation and sensitization
i|||. It is most fungistatic of the fatty acids
a- |. Only
b- |||. Only
c- |. And ||. Only
d- ||. And ||| only
e- |, || and |||i
i32- Which of the following is classified as fat soluble?i
a- Vitamin d
b- Niacin
c- Ascorbic acid
d- Thiamine hydrochloride
e- Riboflavin
i33- The active constituents of saline laxatives are
a- Absorbable anions
b- Nonabsorbable anions
c- Tribasic cations
d- Absorbable cations and anions
e- Nonabsorbable cations and anions
i34- Bismuth subsalicylate is used in antidiarrheals for its
a- Hydrophobic action
b- Hydrophilic action
c- Adsorbent action
d- Absorbent action
e- Antibacterial action
i35- Cellulose acetate phthalate is used in pharmacy as a (an)i
a- Emulsifier
b- Enteric coating material
c- Suspending agent
d- Flavoring agents
e- Excipient
i36- Coca butter (theobroma oil) is used as a suppository base because of its
a- Solubility
b- Melting point
c- Miscibility
d- Reactivity
e- Lipophilic properties
i37- The most widely used method for sterilization of pharmaceutical is
a- Microfiltration
b- Radiation
c- Ethylene oxide exposure
d- Moist heat
e- Dry heat
i38- Ophthalmic solutions should be formulated to include which of the folloeing?i
i|. Sterility
i||. Isotonicity
i|||. Buffering
a- |. Only
b- ||. Only
c- |. And || only
d- ||. And |||. Only
e- |, || and |||i
i39- Soda lime is used as a (an)i
a- Alkalinizer
b- Therapeutic agent in topical preparations
c- Stabilizer in emulsions
d- Reagent for absorption of carbon dioxide
e- Preservative in aromatic waters
i40- The limulus test is relatively new method of testing for
a- Pyrogens
b- Microbial growth
c- Acidity
d- Creaming
e- Lack of osmolarity
المجموعة الثالثة جزء5

i41- Which of the following is associated with excessive infusion of of hypotonic fluids?i
a- Hemolysis
b- Hyperglycemia
c- Dehydration
d- Glycosuria
e- None of the above
i42- Which of the following is associated with excessive infusion of hypertonic dextrose?i
a- Loss of electrolytes
b- Hyperglycemia
c- Dehydration
d- Glycosuria
e- All of the above
i43- Normal rectal temperature is usually
a- Measured in the morning
b- Measured in the evening
c- About same as the normal oral temperature
d- About 1c lower than oral
e- About 1c higher than oral
i44- The latin oculo utro is translated to mean
a- Right eye
b- Each eye
c- Left eye
d- Each ear
e- Right ear
i45- Advantages of tablets over liquid dose forms include the following
i|. Enhanced stability
i||. Ease of administration
i|||. Greater accuracy of dosing
a- ||. Only
b- |||. Only
c- |. And ||. Only
d- || and ||| only
e- |, || and |||i
i46- The latin post cibos can be translated to mean
a- After meals
b- Before meals
c- With meals
d- Without meals
e- On the empty stomach
i47- Prednisone is converted to which of the following by the liver?i
a- Cortisone
b- Hydrocortisone
c- Prednisolone
d- Methylprednisolone
e- Dexamethasone
i48- The principal use of magnesium stearate in pharmaceutics is as a(an)i
a- Lubricant
b- Antacid
c- Source of mg ion
d- Disintegrator
e- Binder
i49- Activated charcoal is used in some antidotes because of which of its properties?i
a- Neutralizing
b- Emetic
c- Absorptive
d- Adsorptive
e- Stabilizing
i50- The major use of titanium dioxide in pharmacy is in
a- Sunscreens
b- Antacid tablets
c- Capsules as a diluent
d- Effervescent salts
e- Emulsions
المجموعة الثالثة جزء6

i51- Which of the following is used as a hemostatic agent?i
a- Heparin
b- Oxycel
c- Coumadins
d- Indanediones
e- None of the above
i52- An other name of extended insulin zinc suspension is
a- Nph
b- Lente
c- Ultralente
d- Regular
e- None of the above
i53- The latin oculus sinister means
a- Right eye
b- Left eye
c- Both ears
d- Both eyes
e- Right ear
i54- The recommended method of mixing insulins is to
a- Shake vigorously
b- Mix gently by rolling between palms of hands
c- Add simultaneously to container
d- Add lente insulin first then regular insulin
e- None of the above
i55- The formulation of different active ingredients that have been judged to produce similar effects are called
i|. Generic *****alence
i||. Therapeutic *****alence
i|||. Pharmaceutical *****alence
A-|. Only
B-||. Only
C-|. And || only
D-|, || and |||i
i56- Which of the following is a true statement regarding transdermal delivery systems?i
a- Products from different manufactures require identical amounts of the active ingredient to yield *****alent responses
b- Skin thickness is not a factor in drug absorption
c- The transdermal unit should always be placed at the same site
d- The transdermal unit contains more drug than is needed for delivery into the bodyover the prescribed the period of use
e- The transdermal unit may remain attached to the skin after the labeled delivery period because drug absorption cases
i57-dosage of anticonvulsants is adjusted
A-when seizures occur frequently
B-every 2 weeks
C-every 2 years
D- only when side effects are seen
i58-which of the following agents is associated with tinnitus as a result of toxicity?i
a- Salicylate
b- Phenytoin
c- Propranolol
d- Acetaminophen
e- Cyclobenzaprine
i59-parkinson is probably due to
A- too little dopamine in the brain
B- too little levodopa in the brain
C- too little acetylcholine in the brain
D- too much levodopa in the brain
E- too much dopamine in the brain
i60-the greatest threat from the morphine poisoning is
A- renal shutdown
B- paralysis of spinal chord
C- respiratory depression
D- cardiovascular collapse
E- none of the above
المجموعة الثالثة جزء7

i61- a specific narcotic antagonist is
A- meperidine
B- polybrene
C- nalorphine
D-universal antidote
E- meprobamate
i62- wich of the following is used to curtail chronic uric acid stone formation?i
A- allopurinol
B- trimethoprim
C- mehtenamine
D-ethacrynic acid
E- furosemide
i63-wich of the following is used to lower blood lipid levels?i
A- trimethadione
B- colesevelam
E- propranolol
i64- capecitabine is used to treat
A- hypertension
B- muscular injuries
C- ulcers
D- breast cancer
E- congestive heart failure
i65- magnesium ion is necessary in
A- stimulating enzyme systems
B- muscular contractions
C- nerve conduction
D- all of the above
E- none of the above
i66- a class of plant alkaloids widely used to treat migraine is
A- vinic al kaloids
C- stramonium alkaloids
D- ergot alkaloids
E- belladonna alkaloids
i67- cyclosporine is used for
A- allergies
B- angina
C- prevention of transplant rejection
D-steroids deficiency
E- treating lead poisoning
i68-pantoprazole is used primarilt to treat
A- gastric hyperacidity
B- hypertension
C-cardiac insufficiency
D- gout
E- migraine headache
i69- citalopram is a(an)i
A- diuretic
B- cardiotonic
C- antidepressant
E- anthelmintic
i70- daunorubicin and doxorubicin have been commonly associated with
A- ulcers
B- cardiac toxicity
C- colitis
D- gout
المجموعة الثالثة جزء8

i71- in which of the following dosage is nicotine available when used as smoking detergent?i
A- transdermal

B- nasal drops
C- gum
D- a and c
E- a, b and c

i72-folic acid administration has been recommended during pregnancy to prevent which of the following congenital problems?i
A- spina bifida
B- cystic fibrosis
C- patent ductus arteriosus
D- limb deformations
E- cleft palate
i73- an advantage of amoxicillin over ampicillin is that it
A- is more acid stable
B- is not destroyed by pencillinase
C- has a broad spectrum
D- does not cause allergies
E- has a longer —-f of life
i74- Arsenic trioxide was approved by the fda in 2000 to treat which of the following disease?i
a- Leukemia
b- Muscle spasms
c- Parkinson’s disease
d- Neuralgias
e- Colon cancer
i75- Primidone, used in the treatment of generalized tonic-clonic seizures , is m etabolized to
a- Phenytoin
b- Phenobarbital
c- Metformin
d- Carbamazepine
e- None of the above
i76-vincristine has been commonly associated with which of the following adverse events?i
A- neurotoxicity
B- gout
C- duodenal ulcers
D- blood clotting
E- none of the above
i77-dolasetron, a 5-ht3 antagonist is an(a)i
a- B- adrenergic blocker
b- Antiemetic
c- Glucocorticoid
d- Local anesthetic
e- Sunscreen
i78-cholestyramine resin has the prevalent side effect of
a- Blocking absorption of some vitamins
b- Raising cholesterol levels
c- Causing intoxication
d- Increasing sensitivity to uv light
e- All of the above
i79- lorazepam produces which of the following action(s)?i
A- sedation
B- loss of memory
C- reduction of anxiety
D- all of the above
E- none of the above
i80- Timolide combines the action of nonselective beta blocking agent and a(an)i
a- Diuretic
b- Cardiotonic
c- Selective beta blocker
d- Anti-inflammatory agent
e- Vasoconstrictor
المجموعة الثالثة جزء9

i80- Timolide combines the action of nonselective beta blocking agent and a(an)i
a- Diuretic
b- Cardiotonic
c- Selective beta blocker
d- Anti-inflammatory agent
e- Vasoconstrictor
i81- Which of the following drugs has been associated with reye’s syndromein children?i
a- Aspirin
b- Acetaminophen
c- Ibuprofen
d- Naproxen
e- Phenobarbital
i82- Ultra-short acting barbiturates are used primarily as
a- Sedatives
b- Hypnotics
c- Antispasmodic agents
d- Anti-parkinsonian agents
e- Preanesthetic agents
i83- Norethindrone is a drug commonly used in
a- Mixed estrogens
b- Oral contraceptives
c- Treating carcinomas
d- Diagnostic testing
e- Abortifacients
i84- Some anti-convulsant (e.g., carbamazepine, phenytoin, gabapentin) are fda approved to treat seizures but have also been effective in the treatment of
a- Parkinsonism
b- Neuralgias or neuropathies
c- Colitis
d- Nausea
e- All of the above
i85- Efavirenz is classified as a(an)i
a- Muscle relaxant
b- Sedative hypnotic
c- Tranquilizer
d- Analgesic
e- Antiviral
i86- Lepirudin is used mainly to treat
a- Gastritis
b- Minor anxiety states
c- Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
d- Severe pain
e- Nausea
i87- Histamine is found in the human body in
a- The granules of mast cells in the blood
b- The mucosal layer of the gi tract
c- The hypothalamus
d- A and b
e- A, b and c
i88- Orlistat is used as a(an)i
a- Narcotic antagonist
b- Narcotic analgesic
c- Weight loss agent
d- Antiepileptic
e- Anesthetic
i89- Antipsychotics usually act on the
a- Cerebrum
b- Cerebellum
c- Lower brain areas
d- Brain and spinal chord
e- Nerve endings
i90- Lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic or as a(an)i
a- General anesthetic
b- Antipruritic
c- Preanesthetic
d- Antiarrhythmic
e- Analgesic
المجموعة الثالثة جزء10

i91- Cocaine has a long duration of local anesthetic action because it is
a- More stable than most local anesthetics
b- Readily absorbed
c- Not biotransformed
d- A vasoconstrictor
e- None of the above
i92- Tenecteplase is used primarily to reduce mortality associated with which of the following clinical problems?i
a- Diabetes
b- Myocardial infarction
c- Hemorrhage
d- Prostate cancer
e- None of the above
i93- Albiterol is usually administered by which route?i
a- Iv
b- Im
c- Nasal
d- Rectal
e- Oral
i94- Nateglinide is used most commonly to treat
a- Aids
b- Genital herpes
c- Diabetes
d- Cmv retinitis
e- Influenza
i95- Barbiturates, in general, are particularly noted for
a- Lack of habituation
b- Producing microsomal enzymes in liver
c- Instability
d- Slow absorption
e- Poor oral absorption
i96- Meloxicam exerts its action because it is a(an)i
a- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
b- Mao inhibitor
c- Alkaline
d- Calcium channel blocker
e- Acid
i97- Oxcarbazepine is used to treat
a- Partial seizures
b- Hdogkin’s disease
c- Angina pectoris
d- Breast cancer
e- Depression
i98- Which of the following is classified as a cholinergic antagonist?i
a- Acetylcholine
b- Neostigmine
c- Atropine
d- Bethanecol
e- Methacholine
i99- Nitroglucerin has a relatively short-half life due to
a- Its volatility
b- Its chemical instability
c- Its poor absorption
d- First-pass —-bolism
e- All of the above
i100- Trihexylphenidyl is used to treat
a- Parkinsonism
b- Angina
c- Xerostomia
d- Glaucoma
e-Muscle spasms
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