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Future International Group

Is offering, a training program in Communication Skills The course will be held 3 days  in Amman – Jordan from 13 – 15 December , 2010 *****************************************

Our effectiveness depends apart from our personal knowledge and capabilities, on how well we interact with other people.
The primary tool for interaction is communication. This workshop therefore concentrates on communication skills.

Directed to: All personnel who have to interact with people outside the company on a regular basis and whose job responsibilities require a high level of communication skills.  Objectives: Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to : v How to identify their own communication style.

v Understanding the predictable impact of their own style on others.

v How to identify the communication style of others.

v How to adapt their style to the style of others.

v How to use selling skills effectively for different communication style.

Main Contents:

* The communication process: its meaning, importance, and components.

* Traits

* Styles of communication

* Style and competence.

* Style Identification.

* Adapting to the different styles.

* Diagnosing interpersonal conflict.

* Communication styles and selling skills.

Training Methods and Techniques: – Lecturettes – Small group discussions – Case Studies (from trainer and participants) – Questionnaires to analyze participants’ styles of communication and interaction – Role Playing – Training Films


3 Days, Monday 13  – wednesday  13 December 2010
From 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
**************************************** Course Language:
The Course will be held in English and Arabic language.
*************************************** Fees:$550/Participant The above fees cover, Trainer fee, Handout and Certificates, Coffee breaks and Lunch.


Registration All participation requests will be received on : Fax number: ++962 6 5519674 Or Email
**************************************** For any inquiries please contact:
Tel: 551 96 76
Fax: 551 96 74

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